Droid Charge and Droid Incredible 2 Featured In Best Buy’s May Buyer’s Guide


The two newest member of the Droid family from Verizon have landed amongst the pages of May’s Mobile Phone Buyer’s Guide at Best Buy. Verizon officially announced the launch of the Samsung Droid Charge for April 28th, though Big Red hasn’t down the same for the HTC Droid Incredible 2. Almost all of the information we have points towards the DInc 2  launching alongside the Charge — we expect to see it in stores come this Thursday.

The Charge will be the first 4G LTE entry into the Droid line, while the Incredible 2 follows in the footsteps of the wildly popular original, which launched about a year ago at Verizon. The Charge will retail for $300 ($250 at some retailers), and the Incredible 2 is expected for right around $200.

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  1. I don’t really understand this “DROID” line with phones coming from HTC, Samsung, and Motorola. Each one has its own UI (Moto still uses blur, HTC still uses Sense, and I assume Samsung will still use touchwiz). I mean I get that it is branding, but then what constitutes which phones receive the Droid branding and which do not? Clearly there are “non-Droid” HTC and Samsung devices on Verizon already, so how is it decided which is which?

    1. The man

    2. Just read ‘Droid’ phone as Android smartphone on Verizon
      Marketing trick only

  2. More importantly is the Asus Transformer in that buyer’s guide?????

  3. It’s three days until the Charge is supposed to be available and still no one has all the specs.

    1. even more importantly, they are available for presale without specs. who is going to t preorder a $300 phone online without knowing what you are getting????

  4. that incredible 2 should be $99, $149 tops starting out. pretty outdated. i guess that’s why Verizon put a $299 price tag on the Charge, to make the Inc2 seem more “reasonable”. in reality, those are ridiculous prices for both

    1. explain how this is outdated …

      1. Froyo, Sense 2.0, lack of LTE.

        1. I agree, if this would have been released a couple months ago then I could see the $200 price point, now there are dual-core phones coming out left and right, and the newest HTC announcements are Sense 3.0 dual core monsters.

  5. Verizon markets Droids as high end Android phones that are not sold on other carriers under different names. That’s why the Samsung Galaxy and HTC Thunderbolt are not Droids.. The Droid 2, Pro, X, Charge, and Incredible are not also sold on other carriers under different names.

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