Honeycomb on the BlackBerry PlayBook? No, That’s Just a Photoshop Fail


Actually, it’s more of a Google Image Search Fail. See, when creating the above flyer for the BlackBerry PlayBook, the ad wizards behind it must have simply grabbed the first thing they came across with a decent resolution. Yes, the PlayBook has the ability to run Android applications natively without too much fuss. No, the PlayBook does not run Android Honeycomb. The actual image has appeared in articles on the topic of Android app compatibility, though the original source can’t be pinpointed.

I feel for the folks behind the blunder, as I have almost made the same mistake several times while searching for PlayBook imagery. Good thing we aren’t running too many BlackBerry stories here at Phandroid.

[via AndroidCentral]

Kevin Krause
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  1. I call that a win =)

  2. The Playbook with Android Honeycomb available at the MacMall, epic.

  3. Damn, Honeycomb is beautiful….

  4. Oh, It’ll be ported at some point, I’m sure.

    1. I agree, some of the devices that have seen android ported too them seem a lot less likely to run the OS than the Playbook does.

      …it’s only a matter of time before it joins the fold.

  5. I think this is better grounds for a lawsuit than 90% of apples lawsuits

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