Droid Does 4G In Second Charge Teaser


It isn’t groundbreaking news, but a second Samsung Droid Charge teaser adds on to the list of things Droid does. As the first member of the Droid lineup to come 4G-equipped, you best believe Verizon plans to leverage that fact in their advertising campaigns going forward. Droid does 4G LTE, and it does it quickly.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Droid Charge your credit card. First!

  2. So it stole his money? Probably should have waited to buy a better phone.

  3. dont get this commercial at alll

  4. iwish my phone would rob me… SHIT WOULD GO DOWN!

  5. I’m starting to think that VZW is going to use the charge as it’s induction charging launch as well. All of the ads for it seem to suggest magnitism.

  6. It’s seems perfectly “Verizon” to me. They steel your money while giving you nothing and leave you looking around shrugging your shoulders and saying “Whahappnd”???

  7. Wait. What?

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