The Motorola XT316 Hits the FCC, Looks Like a Smaller Droid Pro


Motorola has another BlackBerry-esque handset in the works, and the handset has just hit the FCC. Known simply as the Motorola XT316, the phone carries the same form factor as the Droid Pro with a QWERTY keyboard positioned directly under the handset’s touchscreen. The 3.1-inch screen of the Droid Pro gives way to a smaller 2.8-inch display.

Those looking to get their hands on the XT316 in the States are out of luck for now, however. Despite the phone’s FCC approval request, it currently doesn’t house the proper radio to fully support North American 3G networks. The handset seems relegated to China for now.

[via WirelessGoodness]

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  1. smaller droid pro = sucks, just smaller

    1. They need to make a android version of the Motorola ES400S. That bad boy is a beast. Had a chance to use one from my brother. The thing is solid. Just put a capacitive screen android ice cream or gingerbread and dual or quad and you got a beast. http://www.motorola.com/web/Business/microsites/US-EN/ES400/index.html

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