Apr 20th, 2011

An interesting tip regarding a potential release date of the HTC Sensation just came our way courtesy of our friends at T-Mo News. They’re reporting that for some individuals (I tried it and got nothing), doing a simple Google search for “HTC Sensation” brings up a Google ad showing a June 8th release date and a link to the official site for the phone.

HTC and T-Mobile have remained tight lipped on the actual launch date of the Sensation ever since showing off the phone at an event held in London earlier this year, citing nothing more than a “summer” launch. Last time I checked, Summer starts in June here in the US. So there you have it, conspiracy theorists. I wouldn’t have placed much weight on this coincidence until I saw a picture from HTC’s press release and lo and behold if you look at the weather widget, BOOM. The June 8th date appears once again.

As with most rumors, these should be taken as nothing more than a grain of salt. But what do you guys think? Are we looking too much into this little snafu? Could this be a potential UK launch date? Is Lady Gaga really a part of the Illuminati? As always, stay tuned into Phandroid and we’ll bring you the latest as it develops.

[Via TMoNews]

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