Pre-Order DROID Incredible 2 at Wirefly 3am EDT on 4/21, Ships 4/28, Unboxing Video Now Live


Well Verizon’s not helping us in the way of any sort of official confirmation but at least Wirefly’s got our back. They’ve just let us know that the DROID Incredible 2 will be up for presale on their site at 3am tomorrow morning, April 21st. And once you put that order in, you can expect it to arrive on April 28th – just as the rumors have been saying.

What’s more is that they seem to have the world exclusive on the first unboxing video. (Which shouldn’t surprise you considering they’re a retailer with early access to this stuff.) It’s pretty unorthodox of Verizon to let someone else out their product – especially a DROID-branded product – but Wirefly’s done it and we’re not mad at all.

Wirefly says to expect a full review tomorrow sometime after the pre-order window opens. Check the unboxing video out above and be on the lookout for a link from us sometime early tomorrow morning.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. When it boots, you can see some specs on the droid slash screen.

    1. Right,
      1.2GHz single core, 768MB RAM, 4 inches…

  2. why does anyone care about a droid incredible 2. This is pretty much has low end specs now and is a successor to a very average phone.

    1. It is a successor to an awesome phone. The d inc 2 however is mediocre at best. Shitty qualcomm, single core, bad screen, etc etc. Htc fails this year

      1. Same qualcom as in the thunderbolt and same gpu as the play. Yeah real shitty. No dual core? Omg. Because apps are that cpu intensive that we need dual cores now. And bad screen? Its receiving high praises over newer phones coming out.

        1. I agree with keller1 for sure. There’s no reason for not having dual core and qHD res on this. I played with a TB yesterday and it sucked. App drawer was not smooth scrolling and it was laggy and slow. Glad i stopped waiting for it.

          1. you guys are whores for terminology. OMG NO DC, no qHD. Remember you dont need it!!! Thats why they dont put it in the phones guys. Really enough is enough.

            If you guys had any real clue you would know that the major improvement on this phone is doubling the amount of RAM over the OG Inc. You will get way more of a boost from the RAM and not the DC processor. But again buy your huge phones with the DC and see how much difference it actually makes, other than eating your battery.

  3. sexy, wish it was LTE, dual core.

  4. This was a terrible unboxing

    1. I agree. I was almost yelling at my computer, “move the damn credit card and old dinc! Why are you covering the boot animation?!?” smh

  5. Should have been branded as “Droid Incredible Global”

  6. Did anyone else see wireless charging in the splash screen? Towards the upper right at around 7:00

    1. i saw it too… maybe thats what the contacts on the rear cover are for?

      1. no im guessing it will be like the thunderbolt. you will need a different inductive back cover to make that feature work. Because other then the leaked boot animation a few months ago (which was right cause its the same one this guy just displayed) is the only reference to it. The user guide and VZW spec sheet do not mention it. But today the same feature was released for the TB as an add on.

  7. You didn’t even check to see if it was activated prior to starting the video? Lame.

    1. wouldn’t be an unboxing then, would it?

  8. Lol @ they guy not knowing the specs are the same as the Incredible S.

  9. hey, just press the top left corner, top right, bottom right and then the bottom left corner to bypass activation. da

  10. If this was LTE I would get it.

  11. Do not see any pre-order on wirefly…hmmm. pretty INCREDIBLE!

  12. what really stinks, is that there is nothing on the horizon for VZ from HTC. No HTC Sensation or EVO 3d type devices whatsoever… hard to get excited about the Dinc2, even the TB with all of it’s issues. Definitely not on a 2 yr contract.

  13. So what’s the point of this phone?? It’s already out-dated and it hasn’t even come out yet. No Sense 3.0, No 4G, display is still shitty resolution. The only advantage it has is that it’s global.

    Oh yea, and the unboxing video is now set to private. Can’t watch it.

  14. nice upgrade for current incredible owners

  15. Awww… the video’s private now?

  16. where is the source link? and where is the deal on wire-fly?

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