Motorola Releases Method to Get Back to Official ATRIX 4G Firmware


Motorola knows that people root – they’re not sworn to hate that. And they know there will be some people who’ll want a nice HSUPA upgrade once AT&T gets around to issuing it. (And we hear it’s already in the hands of testers.) Thus, they’ve released a method to return any Motorola ATRIX 4G on 4.1.51 and 4.1.52 to get back to the official build at any time. Simply quoted, “to get it updated go to Motorola Software Update and Choose Atrix 4G and follow the steps.” [Motorola via AC]

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  1. Well thats cool.

  2. Go fuck yourself Motorola

    1. With that type of talk, I’m surprised Motorola hasn’t unlocked the bootloader sooner! You’re definitely putting them in their place, aren’t you?

    2. Yeah Dhurtzer you totally took them down a notch broh! High five, lets get a brew dog.

  3. Hey, its a step in the right direction. Might be a baby step but still….lol

    Maybe Moto is getting closer to fully unlocked bootloaders.

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