Leak Says Verizon to Launch DROID Charge on 4/28; Bionic Said to Have Been Scheduled for May 12th


A new leak today suggests Verizon will have a huge launch day on the 28th of this month. In addition to the Xperia Play and DROID Incredible, the Samsung DROID Charge is the latest to be rumored to be launched on the aforementioned date. That seems a bit crowded to me.

It lends credence to another rumor that pegs the Incredible 2 for April 21st, though the evidence for that hasn’t been as strong. If Verizon were to launch it on the 21st, they’d need to announce it tomorrow to give room for presale opportunities.

And remember that it isn’t out of the ordinary for Verizon to launch a device just a couple of days after they formally announce it. The DROID 2 received similar treatment back when it was turning up in tons of leaks.

More from the same leak – the rumored-to-be-cancelled Motorola DROID Bionic is on the timeline with a May 12th launch date. It does line up with what we’ve heard before, but it looks like that date may come and go if rumors of it being cancelled turn out to be true. The Motorola Targa is said to be taking its place on Verizon’s lineup. [Droid-Life]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. WHERES MY MERGE!!!!!!

    1. Merge is like 3 year old tech…why would you want that?

  2. Not 1 good phone. Awesome.

  3. Panda knows all bionic will be here

  4. That bionic is calling me!!

  5. Mid level devices pushed at premium prices. Thank you, sir! Can I have another? VZW will keep this up, as long as folks bend over for it.

  6. This will give Verizon FOUR 4.3″ phones to choose from.

  7. Bionic FTW!

  8. Excelent, I like BIONIC is still alive.

  9. Targa looks sexier than Bionic but I don’t want to wait! I’ve been on AT&T for long enough, and even my Nexus One can’t keep me happy when the network is this bad! Still… if enough good info about the Targa comes out, I may wait. I really like the DroidX styling of it compared to the roundey Bionic. Actually, what makes or breaks it for me is unlocked and unencrypted bootloaders, or whatever it is that makes a phone hackable. No CyanogenMod = no buy.

  10. Bah, I want confirmation on the April 28th release date for the Xperia Play. No other phone will do for me.

    1. With the Incredible 2 and Charge commanding all the attention for the rest of April, not to mention shortage of supplies coming from Japan, an April release is going to be pretty much an impossibility. I’d say first or second week of May is a lot more likely right now…

      Which sucks because trust me I want an Xperia Play more than any other phone on the market.

  11. Hope to God the Bionic hasn’t been cancelled. Been holding out for it.

  12. Am I the only one who thinks the graphic accompanying this story looks odd? What’s with the two light blue arrows and why are the two phones up for speculation all by themselves at the bottom? I know there’s always someone yelling “fake” with these leaked images, but this one does look doctored to me.

    1. And the arrows are pointing into a box containing 3G devices.

  13. I’m tired of Verizon making us all wait for mediocre devices. I have been needing a solid replacement for my rooted Droid Eris for a long time and have been holding out for the rumors of the Dinc HD, Thunderbolt (to be disappointed), Droid Bionic (with rumors of cancel), and now the Dinc 2 that doesn’t even have LTE. Not to mention Verizon’s prices are ridiculous and their customer service is awful. TMobile G2x here I come! I’m figuring I will buy this off contract and change if / when ATT finally takes over.

    1. You just typed everything I was going to

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