Dead Zebra’s New Android Collectible Series 02 Unboxing [Video, Future Giveaway]


We’ve just received a nice little package from the folks at Dead Zebra who last month announced and launched series 02 of their iconic and insanely popular Android collectible figures. It was only right to do an unboxing, so I of course did just that. We take a look at one of four random figures included – Iceberg – as well as 1 of 12 solid blue figures – named Bluebot – that look an awful lot like our very own Phandroid logo.

Yea, there’s a striking resemblance there. (You can’t see it in the images above and below, but the shade of blue very closely resembles the shade we use in our logo. You can thank my ignorance on color correction for that.)

And as for that “future giveaway” tag up in the title, we’ll definitely give 16 of you folks a chance to grab one of these but we haven’t exactly figured out how we’re going to do that just yet. Be on the lookout for giveaway opportunities sometime in the very near future. Check the unboxing video out above. (Note: the greenie in the image below is my personal one gifted to me by a friend. It was not part of this package.)

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I love these guys! I like my Androski figures as well! They make for some interesting conversations at work. :-)

  2. Reminds me of all the different colored Yoshis!

  3. Oh what I wouldn’t give for a noogler android.

  4. Must aquire one!

  5. A give away??? All that comes to mind is……GIMME, GIMME, GIMME!!!!!!!!

  6. Do want

  7. So when’s the Phandroid version coming?

  8. Just ordered some from they didn’t have the blue ones only green and the clear green and one that are dressed up.

  9. Looks cool! i actually would really want just the sticker and not the actual toy! i would so put that sticker on my Samsung tab 10.1 when i get it!

  10. I WANT THEM ALL!!!

  11. I want the cupcake one soo BAD, it even smells like a cupcake!

  12. me waaaaant!!

  13. I already have all 3 rares…
    I’m surprised you’re just receiving them now…
    it’s nice to see “understand” that the bluebot being phandroid….

  14. The black one is cool

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