Motorola XOOM Passes the FCC Looking Prepped for AT&T


A couple months back it was mentioned in an interview with AT&T’s Chief Marketing Officer David Christopher that the carrier was slated to receive their own version of the Motorola XOOM later this year. A recent FCC filing could be all the confirmation we need that the plans are indeed in motion and a release may not be that far off.

Listed as the IHDT65ME1 and described as a “wireless tablet,” the Motorola filing shows support for GSM 850 and 1900 bands and WCDMA bands II and V. Translated, this device would feel right at home on AT&T’s network. The XOOM is already out through Verizon and has popped up with Sprint branding more than once, though a contract-free, wireless-only version is also available.

[via Ubergizmo]

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  1. Hahahahaha this is definitely sad indeed. Not one person has posted anything on this story. Seems not many people care about the Moto Xoom. And I don’t blame them as Motorola really killed this tablet for Honeycomb. Asus, LG. You are next, bring us some good tablets with reasonable pricing options and you’ll see the Android community embraced you. If not, you will go the way of Motorola, flushed down the toilet.

    1. You could be wrong. Maybe not many people care about AT&T?

      AT&T: Rethink Pessimism

  2. Had the xoom for 24 hours and returned it. I would not call it useless but I would call it incapable of competing in the current market. Too glitchy and too expensive. The Samsung galaxy tab with 2.2 was a much more usable product.

    1. I have both the Xoom and the Galaxy Tab, and there’s no comparison, the Xoom is the better tablet , in my opinion. The tablet is a bit glitchy, but given that it is running a dot.0 version of new operating system this is hardly surprising. I can say this, the Xoom has probably caused me to reduce the use of my laptop by more than 70% and my smartphone by more than 60%. While I like the Galaxy Tab a lot, it lacks the potential of the Xoom. I think the Xoom completes just fine.

  3. Xoom is a great product that was handicapped because Google and moto wanted to get it out before ipad2 and had to shortchange some things (mostly software issues), if it gets an update in the next month it should be fine, if not, then others will flock to Samsung tablets.

  4. The xoom is great, I use mine everyday and it’s nice to have a big screen with a Flash enabled web. Not to mention music, video, games it’s really great with Verizon, I have a great signal just about everywhere I go. This sounds like a sales pitch but it’s a great device. I have to also say that it’s really great NOT having to download an app every time I want to see a web page with flash or because my device screen is too small.

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