AT&T to Get their Own Motorola XOOM Later this Year?


Buried in a report focused more on AT&T’s recent Android push after loss of iPhone exclusivity (a recommended read), AT&T’s Chief Marketing Officer David Christopher let loose that of the 12 Google-powered devices the company plans to release this year, one will be the Motorola XOOM. The XOOM’s current status will make it a Verizon exclusive when it is released later this month, but with plans for a 4G LTE-enabled version to come later it could be that the tablet will be one of the first devices to launch along side AT&T’s own LTE network when it starts rolling out later this year.

An interesting caveat to this is that AT&T is also exploring shared data across devices as an option down the road. This would make the idea of owning both a phone and a tablet on a carrier contract much more appealing, a roadblock that has prevented many from picking up subsidized tablets such as the Galaxy Tab.

Christopher remained mum on any exact details, and you can expect AT&T and Motorola to do the same, though this should be ample retribution for Verizon snatching the iPhone away from AT&T.

[via AllThingsD]

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  1. Xoom love on at&t and vzw!

  2. Don’t forget, it could be the 7″ Motorola tablet as well. Not necessarily the 10″ model, since Motorola confirmed months ago, that they would be “competing in the 7″ and 10″ tablet space”.

  3. They are probably waiting for the non-alpha version that everyone will be paying for a in a couple weeks :)

  4. Blah blah blah. Bring a wifi-only version in under $500 and you’ll see some interest.

  5. Xoom is just great. Want.

  6. I agree with Dave … I don’t wanna pay for 2 Data Contracts !!! Bring WIFI only edition !!!

  7. The shared data thing is going to be the next big thing, probably starting next year or even as early as this fall. Alcatel + Archos are already teaming up to provide tablets along with smartphones that share data via free hotspot technology, so it only makes sense for the carriers to take the next step and allow all of your devices to access 3G/4G directly without hotspots but also share the same data packages.

  8. All of enthusiasm that I had for the Xoom died with its pricing.

  9. SAWEET!

  10. Here’s my thing, I am really wanting the xoom. Like bad enough to buy it even though I’m with sprint! But i see this I feel maybe Motorola is going to pull a Samsung and put in all the carriers? So do i go ahead and buy it on day one or wait? Presently I don’t pay for the hotspot of my evo,so I think its split do i gget the data on Verizon which will offer LTE later in the year or pay for the hotspot functionality ?

  11. If I can get a Xoom on AT&T and use my same data plan, that would be awesome since I’m grandfathered into an unlimited data plan from the original iPhone :D It’s been great having the unlimited data with my Nexus One too, I use tethering nearly everyday especially since my house is in the woods where we aren’t close enough to a hub to get cable and the only other internet connection I can get is crappy satellite or dial-up.

  12. I hope that the price goes down!

  13. Honestly, zoom screwed up with pricing. I mean really???

  14. 1. $799 I can afford it.
    2. $20 for a 1GB data plan, I can afford it.
    3. Verizon require at least 1 month to unlock their wifi, I can’t afford it.

    I will not pay any penny to unlock the wifi since it suppose to be ready to use out of box. AT&T is getting Motorola Xoom this year. We should wait and buy it from AT&T rather than pay unworthy $20 to unlock the wifi to Verizon.

  15. 100% agree and feel the same as jj smith

  16. Verizon = Joke. Im sure it means Joke in some language on some planet somewhere.

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