Facebook for Android Updated with In-Status Friend Tags


Facebook has updated their Android app, slowly rounding out their mobile portal with features we have enjoyed on desktop browsers for some time now. The biggest addition in version 1.5.3 is the ability to tag your friends in status updates. Just as on the desktop equivalent, typing ‘@’ and a name will bring up a list of friends to be hotlinked from the status.

Additionally, the Find Friends feature has been added for easier searching and you can now add your phone number to your profile, allowing other friends on Facebook mobile to call you. Other bug fixes abound, but we still await the day that Facebook will cease to needlessly bump us out to the browser when navigating to certain items.

Android Market Link: Facebook for Android

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  1. Push notifications still don’t work though. Not sure why this is so hard for a multi-billion dollar company to figure out.

    1. Mine work perfectly fine. I get the as soon as my desktop does.

      1. What phone do you use ?

    2. I never have that issue on my droid incredible, but on my xoom I never get push notifications….not sure if honeycomb is the reason or something else.

      1. You have allowed push messages in general on your device and set the options in the facebook app up to use push, right?

  2. Dag-nabbit! Are notifications still unreliable? What about the login failures and missing pics that some folks are experiencing? Or the out-of-whack battery consumption experienced by others? I saw some comments about message and chat probs with this new version on another site’s post about this.

    Why can’t FB either fix these things or (at the very, very least) directly address the problems and give some feedback to the users on these issues? It’s been months and there have been 2 (I think) seriously flawed updates.

    1. FB doesn’t care about the Android Community

      1. I don’t think FB even cares about the mobile community whatsoever. The iOS app has more features, but from what I’ve heard from friends, it is still horrible and lacking in many aspects. Hell, we can even assume that the few extra features that it has over Android is because it was out first/received more support quickly.

  3. How about the ability to view tagged pics?? why is that so hard Iphone has it..

    1. I use Flow to tag photos, and view tags. It’s free in the Market :)

  4. Well my FB works a bit better then before but still could be better.

  5. I was having problems with the Facebook app and I realized that the app works much better if DO NOT MOVE IT TO SD, keep it on ur phone.

    This helped, but I pretty much only use Flow for Facebook. It has way more features and the developer is quick to get updates out. Still using the free version, but I think ill be upgrading to the paid app very soon.

    I recommend Flow for Facebook to everyone. Worth a try.

  6. Lets hope they fixed the problem with notifications and also not showing updated comments on status updates and posts. It seems like when the fb app is screwy I just use the mobile app or full site on my browser.

  7. The update just causes everything to force close on me, even after a fresh install of it.

    1. Same here

  8. This app is a honeycomb fail!

  9. I keep waiting for the announcement that they’ve added the ability to use the app for Pages and not just profiles. Right now I have to use the full version of Facebook on my Droid in order to post or comment on my Page but it would be much quicker if I could just use an app.

  10. It’s force-closing here, there, everywhere since the latest update.

  11. The Facebook app works decently on my Evo, I get my notifications in the app (granted I have to tap into the app of course). But being able to tag ppl in statuses is a nice plus. I agree with the previous comment. Flow is a better Facebook app… I use it on my rooted Nook Color and it works nicely. The ads get in the way a bit tho… might consider paying.

  12. FC all over the place in CM7

  13. FC all over for me in CM7 as well.

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