First Shipments of the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Sold Out


If you are looking to get your hand’s on the newly released Eee Pad Transformer from ASUS, you will be waiting a bit longer. Initial shipments of the tablet have sold out in the UK, according to the manufacturer’s Facebook page. The Honeycomb tablet comes at a fairly reasonable price (£380 without laptop dock/£430 with), so the Transformer’s popularity isn’t too surprising. ASUS advises those wanting to get their hands on the device check with their local ASUS Facebook page for availability details.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. Looks like customers still have taste :)

  2. this is good :)
    real good! now bring it to the us…i am getting up early for it. cause..i just wanna make sure ya know? :)

  3. That’s nice and all…but how many units were available?

  4. This is for the UK only, right? As far as I can tell it’s not up for preorder in the US yet. If I’m wrong please kindly point me to where I may preorder this beautiful slab of tech.

  5. Where the pug is my US release? I want to go play on one at Best But!

  6. Good Question DroidFTW. I am not convinced they actually sold any. I am wondering if this is just a big PR stunt by ASUS to drive demand.

    1. Oh no Michael Westwood isn’t convinced!! Alert the masses!!

      1. Since this post, I am convinced that they did sell a few hundred or even a few thousand in the UK and a few hundred or thousand more in the US. One user posted a conversation with one of the retailers that got them – I believe it was NewEgg who said they got 40 units. Not a single brick and mortar in the US got any units on “Launch Day”. So although they did sell a few, I would not call it “selling out” because the available stock was so limited. I still refuse to believe that ASUS predicted demand this poorly; they offer the cheapest android tab to date at considerably less than the xoom and ipad and don’t think there will be a big demand??? They knew it would, and figured that offering a very limited quantity for each release would drive demand.

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