T-Mobile G-Slate Set to Launch April 20th


With units already arriving in stores, a new internal memo going around T-Mobile is confirming what many suspected: the T-Mobile G-Slate will launch on April 20th. T-Mobile has an event planned for that day to celebrate the release of the G-Slate and G2x, two LG devices making an exclusive American debut with the carrier. Also joining the two new Gs is the Sidekick 4G from Samsung, the Android incarnation of the popular messaging phone line. Pricing details aren’t 100 percent confirmed at this time, but we expect an official press release any minute now.

[via TMoNews]

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  1. Better be below $500 or else it will not be successful.

  2. Meh, already decided I’d look at the Asus before this thing.

  3. Messed with one in the mall over the weekend. It was pretty cool. Like the size. Live wallpaper with Honeycomb aesthetic over it is amazing to see.

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