Royal Wedding Gets Its Own App with Westminster Abbey 3D


Just because you won’t be anywhere near Westminster Abbey doesn’t mean you can’t experience the upcoming royal wedding first hand. An official Westminster Abbey application is Android Market-bound giving users a first hand look at the historical royal church and location of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding. The application, called Abbey 3D, presents a digital recreation of the church created using a combination of laser scanning techniques and 3D modeling typically reserved for big budget Hollywood spectacles.

You enter the church through the Great West Door and follow down the aisle to the alter, with information about the Abbey presented along the way. If you want the dirt on some of the wedding’s honored guests, bigoraphies are included for key participants. Historical archives host photos of previous ceremonies. It is all part of an application the Very Reverend Dr. John Hall called “very apt for our fast moving world of communications” as the Abbey that saw the first printing press set up on its doorstep hosts the first royal wedding of the 21st century.

See a non-embeddable demo video of the app over at the Abbey’s YouTube page. Abbey 3D sells for £2.99, though it doesn’t appear live in the Android Market just yet. Will update with a link when available.

[via Westminster Abbey]

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  1. wow this is insanely interesting Android news.

    1. Whether you like the app or not, it IS Android news.

  2. “altar” not “alter” :-)

  3. Purchased it and was disappointed – expected a walking tour with a lot more information – note worth it

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