Wordsmith is Today’s Free App of the Day on Amazon [Scrabble Clone]


Wordsmith – one of several scrabble clones for Android – is now available as a free download on the Android market for the day. It’s normally $2.50 and is not bad for a game that seemingly came out of nowhere way back when. Most folks are writing it off as a Words With Friends copycat, but at least Wordsmith doesn’t force you to deal with ads. (A game-breaking feature for those who root and have an ad-blocker enabled. You know what I mean.) In any case, Wordsmith is worth a quick try so go ahead and grab the download from Amazon.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Alot of negative reviews due to excessive permissions. I am unsure.

    1. I bought this around 6 months ago and it’s a well put together game. No permissions have ever givin me a problem.

    2. it’s now the same 1.1.3 version that’s on Market. No excess permissions.

  2. I love this game, it’s simple and no frills. I actually hate words with friends, stupid ads, commercials and shit, f that apple bs game.

    1. I completely agree.

  3. Words with friends is so incredibly buggy and unstable after a while I just had to find something new. Downloaded wordsmith today but I’ve been using wordfeud free happily for a few days – massive improvement!

  4. I was leery about some of the excess permissions, but when I found out that I had to create a Wordsmith account just to play it, I uninstalled it without ever using it.

  5. I use both apps frequently. “Wordsmith” is much, much better. It sends an alert when the other player makes a move, unlike “Words With Friends,” which you must launch on occasion to see who’s turn it is. I believe the added permissions allow it to send you those notifications, and in any case, it clearly isn’t doing anything malicious as I’ve been using it for an extensive period of time, and let’s face it. Our information isn’t private anymore. I’d throw in the towel on that one.

    #HTC EVO

    1. Words With Friends pops up an icon on your notification bar letting you know it’s your turn.

  6. Wordsmith is 1000X better then the Words With Friends when it comes to stability/usability. WWF is the only app I have that crashes multiple times a day. Damn my friends and their iPhones.

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