Samsung Releases Froyo Source Code for Fascinate Before Verizon Can Issue OTA [Slap in the Face]


If this isn’t just the funnie- I mean, most cruel thing ever, then I don’t know what is. Samsung has gone ahead and published the Samsung Fascinate’s Froyo source code well before Verizon has made mention of its official OTA upgrade. Yea, I can see you steaming over there. You shouldn’t be, though, because source means ROM developers will be able to bring more stable Froyo-injected wares sooner than you can call Verizon and demand to speak to a supervisor in futile attempts to get your OTA upgrade. Developers, start your engines and get downloading over at Samsung’s website. [via Android Central] (Note: search for SCH-i500.)

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  1. WHAT that phone hasn’t got 2.2 yet?????????????

  2. Seriously, How can you still blame Sammy ? you’ve the crappiest worldwide carrier.

    1. Has very little to do with carrier. The manufacturer builds the updae and submits to the carrier for final approval. As with the Galaxy S line, building an update over touchwiz is complicated.

      1. It has much to do with the Carrier. We’ve had several production-ready leaks thus far for the Fascinate, and every other Galaxy S phone has the new software.

        The only thing seems to be wrong is the Bing integration, which most likely means VZW keeps kicking it back.

        The official source release is proof of that.

        1. That’s minor in comparison. The Epic just saw it’s update last month and the Vibrant slightly before that and it wasn’t even OTA. The whole line is massively late. This is Samsung’s fault.

          1. You can’t put the blame all on Samsung. They released Froyo on their worldwide SGS over half a year ago. So this MUST means that the carrier is holding the release back!

          2. Then the million dollar question is what are all of the US carriers doing wrong that the overseas carriers are doing right? The SGS phones for all carriers here in the states only started seeing the update over the past few months. I remember when carriers overseas started seeing the update in October of last year. Is touchwiz only on the US Galaxy line? Is the issue not touchwiz and more the fact that they focused their efforts overseas first then focused their efforts over here? These are valid questions. I can see if one US carrier had the update when HTC and Motorola was busy dropping the update on their phones, but that’s not the case. It took a long time and a lot of frustrated users before it finally happened.

          3. Well phones from HTC, Motorola, and others on VZW have had the updates for a long time. VZW and these manufactures were rated as being some of the fastest update providers in a recent survey that was talked about here at Phandroid. Most, if not all, of the blame falls on Samsung.

            EDIT: Additionaly, we’re expecting 2.3 updates on several of the HTC and Motorola phones in the next few weeks to months. Samsung is still working on getting out 2.2?

          4. Vibrant in January. Verizon fucked this phone and sammy had to work around it. My recommendation: Don’t buy a GOOGLE phone that the carrier has made BING the default search engine.

  3. Nope it sure doesn’t. That’s the joy you get from owning a samsung.

    1. It’s not really about Samsung in general, it’s about their stupid Touch Wiz skin. I own a Nexus S and since they don’t control my updates this phone is great.

      1. Oh, I didn’t realize that stock just automatically updated without Google pushing the update when they have a polished version for the Nexus hardware ready. /sarcasm

        PROTIP: The Nexus isn’t the be-all end-all of android devices

          1. >>Your an idiot
            >>Your an


          2. WUT????? o_O

          3. he means

            idiot lol

  4. Even the mytouch 3g slide has froyo

  5. I thought it was getting froyo like 6 months ago?

    1. To make it worse Froyo was first released 11 months ago.

      1. Froyo after a year? no more variations for Galaxy S2. Just get the Euro version.

  6. Way to go Samsung! This move here restored my faith in that OEM.

  7. Yawn. We got viable source code a couple weeks ago via the Mesmerize update (identical hardware). Still, nice to know that Samsung’s trying while Verizon is dragging their feet. We keep seeing claims from Samsung that new builds have to be submitted to the carrier for testing, and claims from Verizon that new builds have to be approved by Samsung, creating an endless circle of blame. I guess now we know who to point the finger at, namely Verizon.

    Oh well, we’ve had plenty of leaks to work with, and the radio from the most recent leak appears to be a solid fix for GPS for almost all Fascinate owners who install it. Looks like they should be getting close to releasing an OTA, especially now that the source is out.

  8. This doesn’t mean an official / ota Froyo release is on the way. It means simply that Samsung is tired of getting slammed for the failures of Verizon Wireless.

    1. Exactly, I don’t blame Samsung at all. They have a reputation of being slow to update, so if it isn’t their fault, it’s understandable they want people to know.

      1. How are they NOT slow to update? Its on eclair… going to froyo now. They are still far behind, Froyo was great a year ago, but if its not Gingerbread its still far behind. I find it ridiculous that these updates are so welcomed when they are still screwing you out what you should be running. Sure VZW is a touch slow to update, but Samsung themselves are just now getting Froyo out? Unbelievable. Froyo was out for the Inc months after its realease and the OG droid even earlier. I seriously doubt VZW is the bottleneck here.

        1. Right, Samsung is slow, definitely. But if they are ready, and just waiting on Verizon, Samsung is getting all the blame, so I understand them doing this to show that at least it’s not all their fault.

        2. I don’t even know what to say. Verizon “binged” the fascinate, and screwded it all up. All other SGS phones have been updated. Verizon = failure.

        3. LMAO, how are they slow? galaxy S gingerbread update is out already. Its all these carriers want this and that, change this and that. I think Samsung is sick and tired waiting for verizon so they just put up froyo update.

  9. Wow, the first badass move I’ve seen Sammy pull in a while. It’s a shame it’s just now getting updated to 2.2 but at least they know they need to get that source code out or tarnish their reputation even further

  10. OTA update? meh. Anyone on these forums with a Fascinate has most likely already rooted, debloated, de-binged, and has been running some flavor of froyo for months now.

  11. @jdog, justin was replying about the Samsung not having 2.2 The Slide has 2.2 Heard, you could reply directly to other responses…

  12. Yaaaaay! Wait I’m already rooted with froyo running on my fascimte. :)

  13. 2 Words Sammy “Too Late ” Im not Impress …never again

    1. shut up with “never again” so tired of reading you never again guys on here. If you don’t like it then why don’t you not bother clicking on Samsung related threads NEVER AGAIN?!!!


    2. You mean Verizon, since the hold up is they’re not competent enough to get their Navigator app running on Froyo; and are unwilling to give it up.

      You want to “never again” Samsung? Then throw that tantrum over boot loaders…not Froyo.

      I swear you lot are ignorant beyond belief.

  14. It’s not Samsung’s Fault at all! Up here in Canada, we’ve had Froyo on All Samsung Galaxy S Variants since Late November last year! We don’t get OTA at all, but have to use the Kies software (which is a pain!) BUT at least we get updates when Samsung has them ready and don’t have to wait for the Carriers to get their act together. The phones we released here in August so we went from Eclair (2.1) to Froyo (2.2) within 3 months of launch. Which is Excellent in my humble opinion.

  15. I’m tired of Samsung getting the blame for this. Overseas the galaxy S was updated centuries ago, and gingerbread isnt far behind. It’s the U.S. carriers’ faults

    1. lol Gingerbread is out for Galaxy S.

  16. Oh my google, people!! The Galaxy S phones had already had Froyo!! Samsung is not late!! Dugh!! Idiots. LoL!!

    Listen. Samsung made the source code or whatever.
    Now, they have to wait until Verizon, or phone company is ready to release update. Samsung does not have to post the source code online yet.

    The reason why Samsung posted the source code online is because they’re tired of idiots saying their slow when it’s the phone company’s fault. If the phone company don’t push an OTA update, then people start saying, Samsung is dumb for not having Froyo yet.

    Now do you get it? Samsung is trying to show how good of a company they really are, despite the fact that people are still saying that it’s Samsung’s fault for not having an update. The phone carrier gives the OTA, not the phone maker, so getcho facts straight. LoL!!

  17. There is a report that Gingerbread is hitting the Galaxy S line in Europe now.
    I looking forward to it on my Epic :D

  18. It’s both carriers and samsung fault. Vibrant, Epic, Captivate, Fascinate and Mesmerize are all different phones. The international Galaxy S had higher priority in update. 6 phones instead of just one.

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