Skype Addresses Privacy Concerns, Already Working on a Fix


Yesterday, many Android users were shocked to discover that the mobile version of Skype contained some pretty serious security flaws making users’ personal information vulnerable to a simple hack. Skype is making no denials, taking responsibility and admitting that a serious security flaw was coded into the application. The company offered no immediate solution to the problem, but offered that they are “working quickly” on a fix for deployment.

The only other device the company had to offer was to be wary of the third party apps you install for the time being, as it would through this means that a hacker would obtain personal information from within Skype. Now the tough question: would you rather have a secure version of Skype or Skype with video released first?

[via Engadget]

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  1. advice not device ;) and id much rather have the fix than video. skype is slow on releasing video anyway

  2. Video for sure!

  3. Skype sucks

    1. shit. I hate how you guys use disqus.

  4. I’m using the beta for Skype video and it works perfectly. They ought know them both out in a few weeks. Handle you business Skype.

  5. Never again skype. It is what it is plus you never brought video chat to all devices with front facing cameras anyway always on some stupid exclusive stuff. Nothing gained is nothing adventured

    1. “Nothing gained is nothing adventured” REALLY??? The saying is “nothing Ventured nothing gained”. You can’t gain something without first venturing for it. Get your idioms, spelling, and grammar right or don’t say anything. It makes you look like a complete fool.

      1. I hate grammar nazis like this asshole

        1. You may hate me, but if you want to at least sound smart, you should write as if you are. It’s quite hypocritical to tell someone they are “as bright as a dark room” when there are quite a few spelling and grammar mistakes in the same statement, as well as being completely immature. Not to mention he confused a well known idiom, as I pointed out. What’s the point of language if we can’t even use it properly?

          1. @squiddy20
            “You may hate me, but if you want to at least sound smart, you should write as if you are.”
            End Quote.
            You may hate me, but if you would like to sound smart you should post in such a manner.

            See, now that sounds much more eloquent as well as avoiding excessive commas.

            Congratulations to you squiddy20!
            I was inclined for the first time ever to respond to a member of the grammar police. It’s the internet, relax and enjoy all of it’s wonders.

          2. Good point. I guess I got wrapped up in the moment. Thanks for the tip! I’ll try and relax a bit more in the future on this sort of thing.

  6. Good job by skype!!..

  7. bastards!

  8. @Squiddy20… Go jump off a roof, Your as bright as a dark room.

    1. I don’t claim to be the brightest of the bunch, I know there are people out there waaaaay smarter than me, but I’m obviously brighter than you. So if I’m as bright as a dark room, that would effectively make you a black hole.

      1. squiddy20 and skype = FAIL

        1. *gasp* How did you come to that conclusion? Your logic absolutely astounds me! I don’t know how I’ll get through the world without your brilliant mind!


          In fact, nowhere have I said anything about Skype. I don’t have Skype on any of my computers or my phone. I don’t even have an account. Don’t see a point in having one. I’ve got all I need with Google’s video chat service.
          Since you like to use “word math”, I’ll put this in terms you can understand: squiddy20 + no Skype + Richard assuming I have or even like Skype = stupid Richard + BIG FAIL. Is that dumbed down enough for you?

          1. Your senseless..End of story

          2. Again, elaborate on why you think so or shut up. It’s pointless to state your opinion without even attempting to back it up. Wouldn’t you call BS on one of the authors here if all they did was state their opinions without going into why? I would think so. I certainly would. So who’s more senseless, the one who makes meager, immature comebacks, or the one who backs up what he’s saying with actual proof?

        2. And please enlighten me (pun intended) as to how you think I fail instead of just saying “fail”. My logic appears to be quite sound. If it isn’t, go ahead and point out how or shut up. These childish retorts of yours only serve to bury you further in the ground. But by all means, keep going. I absolutely enjoy schooling your stupid a**.

    2. Also, “Go jump off a roof, Your as bright as a dark room” should be “Go jump off a roof. You’re as bright as a dark room” or even “Go jump off a roof, you’re as bright as a dark room”. Once again, you demonstrate your “brightness”.

  9. How you think or believe your schooling someone is rather comical. I enjoy your stupidity it has no end but even better than that I enjoy the battle. Your just someone that needs attention so I will lend it to you for a while. Never one time do you just tend to the articles written on this site you only come to see who posted comments then you decide to attack those selected people including myself. We already know what you are and I won’t say it here cause others think as I do but keep it up you will see… This reminds me of you so much.. something we can all laugh about when it comes to squiddy20 do us all a favor and go somewhere else your useless comments are populating to many of these articles

    1. How about you get your head out of the Sprint/Verizon mindset you ignorantly have and look around at other articles. Fact is, I’m not all that disagreeable with most people. Look no further than here, and here in my relatively short conversation with Sevenstars. I don’t need attention or else I would be posting SOMETHING on every article ever written regardless of if it has anything to do with me. Sure, I may read about something going on with Verizon, T-Mobile, or just Android in general, but I normally don’t comment on it. Read and move on, that’s generally my philosophy, with your posts being an exception. Of course, you nor I can really prove what I have or haven’t read without commenting on it, so the point is moot. I recognized that as soon as I saw that portion of your dumb comment. The fact that you didn’t see it speaks volumes to your intelligence. You on the other hand take the time to flame practically everything not Sprint, especially Verizon. I generally don’t ever see your comments anywhere unless it pertains to one of the big 4 wireless carriers. “We already know what you are and I won’t say it here…” Really? I don’t know what you and these “others” think of me, so why don’t you tell me? And why don’t you name these “others” while you’re at it and see just what their opinions are of me. Why don’t you ask “them” before involving “them” without their knowledge. Otherwise, it just makes you look like a coward and a liar when you don’t voice your own opinions or confirm what you think with others. The only reason I occasionally lash out at some people other than yourself is because they generally infer something from my comments that just isn’t true. If you read my response below to Sandy, you’ll find it very logical and non aggressive (that’s the way I intended it anyway). And if you take the time to look through my posts, besides the articles I’ve linked to and possibly one or two others, all of them are stemming from your ignorant, childish comments. I’m populating the articles just as much as you are, if not less. I noticed you posted in the Google/Korea antitrust article. The only reason I haven’t replied to your comment there is because 1. your response is too short for me to make any kind of argument out of it and 2. because for once, I actually agree with you. It is quite “senseless”. Ooooooo you can link to a youtube video of Billy Madison. I’m soooo impressed. Why don’t you use those linking skills to actually back up your claims about me instead of some useless video. It might actually make you somewhat credible. And “liking” your own post to bolster your presence? Really? How childish of you. That’s like “liking” your own comment, picture, video, what have you on Facebook. Ridiculous. Oh, and here’s another post of mine, username “squiddy””

      1. Just realized the first link doesn’t work even though the address is right. It’s supposed to link to the article entitled “Chinese Androids Accounted for 64% of All Phones Affected By Malware”.

      2. useless links let’s give it a rest. In your world you can do no wrong…who cares what think or believe anyway just keep your thoughts to yourself.

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  10. Had Skype videochat via Fring in June 2010. But, Skype removed Fring’s access claiming that Fring was not upholding Skype’s quality and might damage their name.

    Way to go, Skype, way to go. Nearly a year later and you’ve yet to deliver what Fring had working without the stupid privacy holes.

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