Chinese Androids Accounted for 64% of All Phones Affected By Malware


Well isn’t this surprising? (Hint: sarcasm.) NetQin – provider of mobile security services – are reporting some interesting numbers about malware and who was affected by it. Of all Androids affected by some form of malware, 64% of them were Chinese-owned and -bred devices. It’s unfortunate but not surprising considering that’s where most malware originate.

And those folks target less secure markets as well as Google’s official one. As for everyone else, the US came in second at 7.6%, Russia was next with 6.1%, Hong Kong had 2.7% and the UK made up for 2.1% of those attacks – the lowest of all regions counted. They mentioned that 57% of all attacks originated in the Android market. (Though we’re sure most of this has been cleaned up over the past couple of months.) [via DigiTimes]

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  1. This is not good, I now some people that are new to Android that think that malware is common for Android. They even download those anti-virus apps so that any new app can be scanned before being downloaded. In my time with Android since Nov. 2008 I never had to worry about malware in my phone and I download a LOT of apps.

    1. While I agree that it isn’t good, the average consumer isn’t as into Android as we are. They might not know how to navigate the completely open app system in a safe manner. Just like idiots downloading everything they can find on the Internet, then wondering how/why they got a virus. So in order to protect themselves they get the security apps. Good for them. At least they have enough common sense to know to do that when they don’t quite yet know the incredible world that is Android. I’ll admit, I’ve thought about downloading one of those AV apps, but only for a few minutes, and normally only when I’ve finished reading an article about some new malware/virus on Android. After some thinking though, I then realize that I have enough smarts to recognize the funky stuff (I hope). Haha it all comes down to using that noggin sitting atop your shoulders. :)

      1. LOL true.

      2. I consider my self well versed in Android, but I’m not positive I avoid a maleware app. You really just never know. There are just to many legit apps that have far to many permissions, while one bad apple can only have one permission that looks needed, and be the bad guy.

        Most apps have SD card access anyways. Even for really smart people the only way to protect yourself (presumably) is with a anti virus app – But even those are pretty useless when you are downloading new apps that have not been previously scanned.

        1. Good points. I’ve especially noticed the “too many legit apps that have far too many permissions” bit. It does make one a bit weary, or at least think twice.

    2. It’s FUD, and anti virus people just want to get in on a platform like Android. In the Windows world it’s a lucrative business, and a large part of malware are written by the anti virus people themselves.. If Android becomes like Windows and I have to buy anti virus to protect myself from them, that’s the day I run my phone over with my car and just get a dumb phone.. I hope that people continue to refuse to buy this junk, and maybe they will go away.

  2. Hah. Silly foreigners..

  3. Stop pirating. Problem solved.

    1. I can’t agree with you more… And I’m Chinese…
      most people here just can’t understand why should they pay for apps after spending a lot of money on their phone.

  4. “They mentioned that 57% of all attacks originated in the Android market. (Though we’re sure most of this has been cleaned up over the past couple of months.) ”

    Right… Go Amazon.

  5. Fucking Chinese androids these days

  6. not surprising. Wasn’t one of the malware apps called Horny Japanese Girls or something like that? The Chinese must have a thing the island girls. :-)

  7. Sorry,but I am a Chinese and also an Android user. I have been using the android phone for two years,but I never met a malware though I down lots of apps.So the data from NetQin maybe not right. But please respect our Chinese Android users!

    1. But, you’re not a Chinese Android, so you’re ok :)

    2. You’re not understanding the data properly. It’s a well known fact that much of the malware found on the Internet (for Windows, Mac, etc.) originates from Chinese coders. Being the intelligent virus coders that they are, Android has become a targeted platform for its growth and popularity. A lot of the apps that carry viral loads are the ones that appear too good to be true, and naive users download them. This problem has nothing to do with Chinese Android users. It has everything to do with Chinese virus writers.

    3. Just because you have never had malware doesn’t mean the data in the story is wrong. Just means your one of the lucky ones!

  8. Maybe it’s cause Chinese are way more likely to pirate software?

    1. All I got to say is ARRGH… (Not a chinese pirate though) Might as well slap an eye patch on my phone and PC. As long as you are smart you will still avoid viruses.

      There is too much crap out there for piracy not to be needed and most of which you may not know that an app is total crap within the first 24.

      That said Pirate all you can, delete what you despise and buy what you love, just watch out for those pesky viruses.

  9. Why is it that i feel all the iPhanboys will soon only have one reason to get a iphone, “it has no malware”. Just like their lame PCs. If “No malware” is the only good reason you have to convince me to buy your stuff then it just makes me not want it even more.

  10. This is not surprising. This definitely ain’t news. China is the land of counterfeiting, piracy, and intellectual property theft/ripoff. People there are always looking for stuff on the cheap, and if they see an app for free that should be a few bucks, they’ll naturally jump at the cheaper of the two. The whole “if it’s too good to be true then it probably ain’t” concept hasn’t really landed in China yet. Besides, it’s only fitting that they’re getting the bulk of the infections with all the malware because their culture has no issue or problem with counterfeiting and piracy.

  11. I have to use an anti-virus. Blackdroid…

  12. I see what you did there….. Red Android. Communist China. Good one. =)

    1. moron!!!!!

  13. I don’t mind paying for apps, but if I ever need to buy a security app then I will go back to one of my old Nokia Symbian phones in my desk drawer…

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