Apr 15th, 2011

Those holding out hope for Google Music may never get a taste of what the service set out to be. During talks with major record labels solidifying music catalogs for distribution via the proposed digital distribution service, Google has reportedly changed the terms to their music platform mid-negotiations, causing those involved in the dealings to backpedal. One potential outcome? Google might just give up on attempting to establish their own music market and follow in the footsteps of Amazon by establighin their own cloud locker music service. Doing so would retain some sense of the service Google hoped to launch, though it will do little to position them against Apple’s juggernaut iTunes.

Any enhancement to the way music libraries play with Android devices is welcomed, but devout fans will surely miss the opportunity to give the proverbial finger to Apple by purchasing their music straight from Google. There is still a chance Google Music will launch as intended, but it is looking less and less likely each day.

[via BGR]