Hanspree: There Are Hardware Requirements for Android 3.0


A while back, way before the first Honeycomb device was released, it was rumored that the tablet-specific version of Android would require certain specs. A dual-core processor was amongst the most infamous of them, but other things such as minimum resolutions, amounts of RAM and internal storage, and more were rumored to be subject to Google’s terms. Hanspree says that some of this is true, though.

Dan Morrill already debunked the minimum processor one, but they never said anything about the others. According to Hanspree, though, they definitely do require OEMs to include specific components and features. One of those requirements is a 1280×800 resolution display – something we’ve seen in all Honeycomb tablets so far. Another is the addition of front and rear cameras – something else we’ve seen on all Honeycomb tablets so far.

And I’m not saying Dan Morrill lied, but there has to be a reason why all of these devices have Tegra 2 dual-core processors inside outside of popularity, cost and performance. (I should note that HTC did say that their 7 inch Flyer tablet would be upgraded to Honeycomb in the future, but their single-core chip inside those are clocked at 1.5GHz.) [via Pocket-Lint]

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  1. Fuck set some rules. Close the openness a little bit as long as it means less frag.

    1. I would think minimum spec requirements have more to do with ensuring a quality level. To make sure it runs fluidly and isn’t next to useless.

      Hardware specs won’t help much in the way of fragmentation other than, if it was on the low end and they add a feature that would push it too hard I suppose.

      1. yeah your right I over reacted. Some devices get left behind due to “sub par hardware capabilities” but its the skins and carriers/manufacturers that cause the most frag.

        FFC’s, Ghz, and screen res shouldnt stop a device from being updated.

  2. All the devices so have have been Tegra2, probably because that is the lead platform and the only one with stable drivers for everything. Others will probably soon follow.
    Regarding screen resolution, everything on Android is resolution and density independent, don’t think this is likely.

  3. AFAIK The T-Mobile G-Slate uses a resolution of 1280×768 and not the “required” resolution mention in this post.

  4. Not true, the Acer Iconia Tab A100, a 7″ Honeycomb tablet, has a 1024*600 resolution and is already on sale in Europe.


  5. Why do you post this crap? Google has already said their are no hardware requirements for any version of Android and they’re are already Honeycomb tablets that are single core.

  6. It’s hardly a surprise that the group of first to market honeycomb tablets all share a common processor architecture. You have to start somewhere, and I’m sure Google built and validated for Tegra 2 first.

  7. Once 3.0 binaries are available for other chipsets we’ll see Qualcomm, OMAP, etc. Honeycomb devices.

  8. Why is this even being reported…it’s obviously false since there are device that dont meet these so called requirements…

    1. And what device would that be? What device has 3.0 that doesn’t meet the specs? Could it be that you’re confusing those devices with 2.2 that WILL be updated at a future time?

      1. ” One of those requirements is a 1280×800 resolution display – something we’ve seen in all Honeycomb tablets so far.”

        I only have to name one for that to be false…
        The LG G-Slate or 1280×768, being released with 3.0 this month…

        Any more questions

  9. Obviously there is going to be requirments this article is bogusss

  10. Tegra 2 should be the requirement. That way alot of games would come to Android, optimized, lag free and no FC.

  11. No different than my 486/SX 25MHz computer unable to run Windows XP or Vista. At some point, you are gonna need minimum hardware req’s. This is true of all OS’s.

    1. LOL generally speaking your computer will last years and years and still handle OS upgrades not months and months like android. Android is becoming as hateable as apple

  12. well I think these Hardware Requirements are mainly for manic devs & geek users, to stop them trying to put it on ‘hand size’ phones!!!

    Unless you know an android device with a less than 4.5″ screen, that will answer those requirements???

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