Motorola XOOM WiFi to be Offered by Telus April 19th


Telus looks to be offering the Motorola XOOM WiFi from their own shelves starting April 19th. It’ll cost as much as the unit in America does – $599.99. And there really isn’t a whole lot to say about it because it’s the same device. Telus won’t be injecting any 3G radios into this one so there really is no true benefit of buying it through them. Best Buy and other retailers offer it for the same price. Check it out here if you want. [MobileSyrup]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I bet they couldn’t keep these bad boys on shelves if they would lower the price by $100 .

  2. if it was 499.00 it would be a no brainer…but 599 is just a little 2 high for me

  3. Telus selling a wifi only device? Doesn’t this seem kind of weird? Telus’s business is selling voice and data plans.. Are they trying to be bestbuy?

  4. for $599 Xoom WiFi has GPS and 2x more memory (32Gb) than ipad2 wifi for $499. + SD card 32Gb and you’ll have Motorola Xoom WifI 64Gb with GPS, Flash, Honeycomb, *good* cameras, HDMI built-in, USB and many other features.=)

    Honeycomb tablet computers have Big future, because Google will launch a lot of interesting things soon.

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