First Shots of the Eco-Friendly Samsung Replenish Emerge


Earlier today we learned Sprint would be hosting a press event tomorrow focusing on green in the wireless industry tomorrw, April 15th. The plan is to unveil the eco-friendly Samsung Replenish at that event. Just a day shy of the official announcement, the first press shots of the phone have come online via Samsung, accompanied with the following description:

“The Replenish™ uses recycled and recyclable plastics plus environmentally friendly packaging. You can feel good about Mother Earth, and still text your mom with the full QWERTY keyboard. The large 2.8” QVGA (Quarter View Graphics Array) touchscreen offers every color found in nature.”

The phone for earth-lovers looks a lot like a feature phone/smartphone hybrid, and should go on sale soon (just in time for Earth Day), though the image suggests a raspberry pink rendition won’t launch until June. Expect it to be economically priced, as well.

[via Samsung]

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  1. Environmentally friendly packaging? Like the egg carton my Evo came in?

  2. According to some rumors it may have solar powered battery. But unlike plant life, our solar technology is very inefficient and this will be a very low spec phone.

    1. Yeah, well helping the environment is more important than a good specced phone.

  3. What a crock. As long as the guts are still toxic slave-labor by-products, all this jazz about “recyclable plastics” is such PR blabbery. Fix your network!

  4. 2.8 is large?

  5. sprint,2 of your competitors are merging and this is what you come up with?

    1. I’m holding out for the Hello Kitty Android phone with perfume dispenser. Of course, it will also have an NFC chip and a digital TV tuner and 5 million other things that nobody understands.

  6. I was hoping their press event was announcing the SGSII on Sprint. No longer excited.

  7. It’s like they are trying to be t-mobile now that AT&T wants to take it over.

  8. Don’t all those extra little buttons cost more “environmentally” to produce than just a single piece of plastic and a touchscreen? I mean, the plastic may be recycled, but there is an entire environmentally costly process to take a milk jug and make 40 little tiny pieces of plastic and paint letters on them.

  9. Love the fact it is eco-friendly. Humanity NEEDS to be eco-friendly, instead of destroying this beautiful planet and wiping out whole species of innocent animals.
    The low resolution screen is a disappointment though. Should have been VGA really.

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