Sprint to Hold Press Conference April 15th at 11:30am Pacific About Green in Wireless [Samsung Replenish to be Announced]


Remember the Samsung Replenish? Sprint’s first phone to take their new “go green” initiative by the horns? We first heard it was supposed to be announced on April 15th with a vanity site to go up sometime that day, and now Sprint has announced a press conference for – you guessed it – tomorrow. They’ll take to San Francisco starting at 11:30am Pacific time to talk about “wireless innovation and green mobile devices.” And we just got our first unofficial-official confirmation of the Samsung Replenish. We’ll be on the lookout for the full presser tomorrow along with official images and hopefully a video or two.

WHO: Dan Hesse, CEO, Sprint Nextel Corporation
WHAT: Hesse will discuss the importance of innovation and sustainability in the wireless industry and marketplace. Specifically, he will address how
In less than 3 decades, wireless has revolutionized our daily lives and almost every major industry and has become one of the most transformative technologies in history,
Innovation in wireless has a critical role to play in protecting the environment by helping consumers reduce energy use and enabling businesses to improve operations and their bottom line, and
The innovative power of the wireless industry is threatened.
Following his speech, attendees can participate in first-hand demonstrations of Sprint’s green mobile devices and accessories.
WHEN: Friday, April 15, 2011
11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. PDT
Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. This sounds like that Kyocero echo all over again. :*(

    1. There is a definite market for this kind of stuff and they have money to spend. Think of all the Prius owners.

    2. You might want to take notes. The Echo reviews have been good so far.

      1. You might wanna take note…the echo was panned 3 minutes after it got out in the open.. ;/ #TeamEVO

        1. the reviews i’ve seen thus far have been nothing but mainly positive

          and Signit, you have to realize the evo fanboys have been whining since Feb since they thought they were getting their evo then and have been mad when they found out it was the Echo.

        2. Panned by turds that hadn’t even seen it or touched it. Now that it is out, the reviews have been good. You can try to continue to be the imbecile from Feb 7th, or you can join us in the present and see the Echo is a good phone that will go over some people’s heads because they have chimp IQ’s and are unable to figure out how to use two screens.

    3. I wouldn’t necessarily take it there. “Eco-friendly” and “Green” are the keywords that describe this phone, and these will attract consumers in other niche markets that may not be for us. The Kyocera Echo on the other hand was teased to us as “the impossible is possible” and “industry first”. News of this event was spread to Android blog sites (which caters to android enthusiasts), rumors sparked crazy conversations, and in the end we’re left with an innovative device made from an inferior manufacturer. Who knows, it may actually be a decent phone after all… you won’t know personally until you try it out.

  2. Mr. Hesse is all over the place alot of frequent flyer miles that’s for sure.

  3. Think about how much electricity they’d save if their phones didn’t have to constantly enter roaming or work at full power just to maintain the signal… think about how much electricity they’d save if their phones weren’t full of bugs that required you to reboot your phone every 10 minutes… The only green I’m feeling is envy that the other carriers have such superior phones…

    1. As much moaning and groaning you always do why don’t you do us all a favor and go pay your eft to go to another carrier verizon would be perfect for you. They have a great phone that cost 300.00 dollars just perfect for you. Leave sprint as soon as possible help us all out so you can be happy fix your complaint if you don’t fix it which you haven’t all this time then we will see you from now on as nothing more than a PLANT

      1. Stop saying “us” and “we”. Nobody identifies with you. You’re not part of some coterie or clan. Everybody thinks of you as what you are — a creepy Sprint fanboy with the writing skills and emotional maturity of an 8-year-old. Your opinion means less than nothing to me. Take your Cheeto-stained fingers somewhere else.

      2. While I believe his approach was a little odd, I mostly have to agree with him. Sprint/Samsung released the Moment with several problems, some which haven’t been addressed to this day. Data lock up is one of them. Since you probably have no clue what that is, its when your phone no longer sends or receives any data or calls. Even calls to 911 (which should work no matter what) don’t work when you phone has data lockup. The only way to resolve this is a reboot, which takes about 2 minutes on stock, time you generally don’t have when in a situation requiring 911. Thankfully I haven’t experienced it as often as others, but the fact is, it shouldn’t even be an issue in the first place.

    2. My phone EVO works just fine … it is tethered to my laptop and never has to be rebooted. Sounds like you need Verizon or AT&T to appreciate Sprint more!

    1. OOOOO you can link to a video that has nothing to do with the article. You’re absolutely stunning me with your brilliant mind and superior intellect. /sarcasm (in case you couldn’t tell)

  4. it’s green if it saves us some green also. please don’t make the data plans $40 buck. make it $25 for unlimited. now that’s green and competitive.

  5. Apple makes a big deal about a white iPhone. How about a green android phone? aha! Make it vegan approved and all of California will be on Android!

    1. Cowabunga Dude!!

      Don’t forget to make the phone on start up ask:

      Ingles o espanol?

      Then it will make me feel like home : )

  6. Hopefully this is some type of announcement of related to new battery tech, or solar recharging. Green is all about reducing energy consumption, so something along those lines are in order.

  7. green is a buzz word like “duel core” or “HD”or “augment reality” gimics indeed. but some people are suckers for so called green tech. I’m not one if them.

  8. Samsung’s Blue Earth Phone. Phone with a solar panel on the back. No plugging into the grid if you really want clean power. Forget that 90% recycled bs PR crap, your more greener using solar power. BTW its also made from recycled plastic water bottles as a bonus. Update this with Android and release it for the US.


  9. I heard irecycle android will be bundled in the phone? would be great!

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