Android 2.3 Gingerbread with Sense UI Leaks for HTC EVO 4G


A few days after hearing the EVO 4G is included in HTC’s plans for devices receiving the Android Gingerbread update, what appears to be an official build with the Sense UI layer on top had leaked. The leak comes in the form of a system dump that the boys over at XDA Developers are already hard at work crafting into an easily flash-able ROM for installation.

While the timing of the leak is no true indicator of when we might see the update sent out to owners of the EVO, it is a good sign that development is moving along. Speaking of development, expect some new custom ROMs to be cooked up based around the release.

[911sniper via XDA, thanks to all that sent this in!]

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  1. only has sense 1.0 though…

  2. That’s the same sense we have now 1.0

  3. Guys, I don’t think the picture of Evo is there to show the new Sense…. chill :)

  4. Well this is great news!

  5. There was a post yesterday talking about how only dualcore phones (and the 1.5ghz flyer) would get the new sense…

    1. what are you going on about? this says nothing about Sense 3.0 but says Gingerbread with Sense UI

    2. New Sense is different from an OS upgrade. Sense 2.1 is Gingerbread (it is on the Desire S, Wildfire S and will be coming onto other devices). Sense 3.0 is also Gingerbread (and currently only for the Flyer/Evo 3D/Sensation). Just because they are not giving the latest Sense to older devices does not mean that they are going to stop supporting older devices.

      EDIT: Looks like Sense 1.0 for the Evo.

  6. I would like to see the new Sense UI, be a nice little touch on 2.3.

  7. c dese reibcagez

  8. I’m just excited because this should make fixing the GPS issue on AOSP easier to fix…going to be great for CM. Have fun running Sense(less)

  9. you guys/gals aren’t making any sense :-)

  10. What other phones will be able to use gingerbread?

  11. It boots. Its FAST!!!!

  12. Combine this with Warm Z for the Incredible and I’ll be happy

    1. And seeing as the EVO and Inc are practically the same phone with different screens, I’d wager that’s not going to take too long

  13. Pardon my ignorance, but what is preventing this from being flashable right now?

  14. Richard, pull it out, rub it down, then whack it. I know this post just gave u cold chills.

  15. I just recently flashed my phone to the newest Cyanogen mod. I can’t see myself going back to the bloatware I used to have. Hopefully, like another user pointed out, this will make it easier to fix that GPS issue.

  16. Posting from my phone with this installed. So far it has been stable.

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