HTC EVO 4G, Thunderbolt Getting Gingerbread


Before I report this next story, let me just say that this should be expected by now – HTC likes to get as many of their newest phones upgraded to the latest and greatest version of Android as they can. That said, it’s no surprise that they are aiming to get the Thunderbolt upgraded to Android 2.3 by the start of summer.

Another device has seemingly been confirmed, though – you original EVO 4G fans can expect the upgrade sometime down the line, as well. This comes via confirmation from an HTC rep as most of them have these past few weeks. Although it’s closing in on a year since its launch, the EVO 4G is still one of the top Android devices on the market both commercially and technically so HTC’s desire to keep supporting it is totally expected. [via Unwired View]


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  1. Some how I own a rumored phone. W00t @ me

  2. This would be great news if I kept phones longer than a year

    1. LoL. I too am coming up on 1 yr with my HTC Supersonic but, since sprint does not have the Thunderbolt and I don’t personally see the EVO 3D being more of a sidegrade than an upgrade, it looks like I’ll have to wait for fall or the 2012 phones.

      1. Your definitely not making any kind of sense here. The new Evo 3d will be the best device on the market when it launches NOTHING WILL BEAT THAT UNTIL THE NEXUS 3 WITH TEGRA 3 AND EVEN THAT IS A WAIT AND SEE. Don’t fool yourself i too own our current supersonic since day one but today it deserves a proper retirement party. There’s a new member of the family in town and that will represent us just as well as our Evo 4g did.

        1. I dont see why you care so much to have the “best phone” in the android world the evo 3d will be outdone easily by the end of the summer especially with tegra 3 looming. If he likes his evo let him be happy. He is right the 3d is not much better than phones out now and won’t be the “best” like you keep saying because “best” is all in the eyes of the beholder. I personally would rather have a phone with single core processor and running Verizon’s better network espcially with LTE than a dual core phone with a 4G that will be swapped out for LTE later this year. I don’t see why anyone would buy a sprint/clear 4G device right now. The responsible thing of sprint to do would be to release their 4G phones with a LTE radio as well even if it isn’t working until a software update as they switching to the much better LTE tech and leaving their customers on a no longer supported 4G network is horrible.

          1. Yearly upgrades with Sprint. Problem solved. Buy an EVO 3D…

        2. Can’t you let people have their own f*cking opinions?! You’re telling people what to think and believe, forcing your opinions on others. Just. Like. APPLE. Either shut up or move on. And just fyi, by the end of the summer/fall there WILL BE at least comparable phones to your precious Evo 3D, just like it was with the Evo 4G and then the Epic.

          1. Yes, but what a glorious summer it will be. he he

      2. LoL, are u serious? The Evo 3D is more of a worthy successor the the Evo 4G then the Thunderbolt. Its packing dual core, 1GB of RAM, etc… definitely worthy…

        1. I can see what scotsman is talking about.
          It has a better processor and a bit more RAM.
          The RAM is inconsequential, since most items are run off the SD card now, The processor boost is nice, but the original EVO is still fast as hell. the upgrade would basically be to save like a half second when opening apps.

          don’t get me started on the ‘3D’ element. To me, that is a gimmick that is actually DETERRING me from wanting the phone.

          So, all in all, it’s not to much of a difference when it’s in your hand.

          1. I’m upgrading from my Evo to the Nexus S 4G. Stock android on a slick package is more important to me.

          2. Haha I’d be completely with you IF the Nexus S had a hardware keyboard. I think I’d miss it too much coming from my Samsung Moment. :P

        2. It matters who you ask as you will see more of a real world upgrade from LTE than a dual core processor anyday. The evo 3d is nice but as long as it runs sprints network it is nothing more than outdated tech. Just ask sprint as even they will be switching later this year and all these fake 4G phones will be stuck on clears sinking wimax.

          1. Uh, yearly upgrades people… Wimax is not an issue. And there will be overlap of Wimax and LTE for many months. Move along…

          2. I just gotta say, some of us aren’t spending enough to be qualified for the gold plan, therefore we don’t get yearly upgrades. :/

      3. Gents..we all know that new phones are popping up like rabbits every few months. Get the latest and greatest now, and then in a few months get the next latest and greatest. That way you’ll always have the best and newest. Sidenote: If you can afford it of course…lol

  3. Yeaaa… long live EVO!

  4. So what would be better? To wait for this update or get the cyanogenmod 7?

    1. Cyanogenmod 7 is already stable. But if you want a 2.3.3 sense rom I am almost sure there are roms out there. Go to Theunlockr(dot)com and check out the rom list there too.

      1. Avoid theunlockr because that website totally sucks.

        You should try xda-forums.com

    2. actually, there are a few issues with CM7 final release. i went back to 36 nightly. if Sense 3.0 comes with the Gingerbread update, then that’s what i’ll be going to next

  5. Believe it when it happens

  6. How about the incredible. Wtf

    1. its not getting GB. Install CM7 if you want it.

      1. Incredible is not expected to get Gingerbread until the end of Q2, thats what HTC said when they said about the EVO 4G getting the update. Essentially the EVO/Incredible are from the same family of hardware with different shapes/sizes, but essentially they have the same hardware as far as processor, camera, RAM. Desire, EVO, Incredible, and N1 all have the same SOC.

    2. It will get it verizon and HTC said that way back in february or something like that. Don’t worry you’ll get it.

  7. What about the inspire, is it being forgotten already.

  8. If the Inspire doesn’t get it like its siblings, I’m going to be a pretty pi$$ed off AT&T customer

    1. AT&T sucks Shawn lol.

  9. Come on motorola/verizon, my droid x needs gingerbread lovin!!!

  10. EVO-LVE

  11. Yes it’s definitely true all of the current Htx Evo 4g owners expect gingerbread that has already been established by htc. I wish current evo’s nothing but the best that’s what the granddaddy of 4g deserves. Myself I look forward to the new member of our family the Htc Evo 3d that will be the best device on the market just like our Evo 4g use to be back on June 4th 2010.

  12. Good. Then la

  13. Then maybe my pos new Evo will finally work right. No streaming video or YouTube.

    1. Those are basic features that any phone can do. I would have had sprint replace it a long time ago

    2. If you call Sprint tech support, there’s actually an easy fix for that streaming problem on the Evo. It’s just a quick update they can do…takes maybe 5 minutes.

  14. this even further complicates my debate….

    to evo 4g
    or to nexus s 4g


    1. The evo definitely has a much larger development base, so if you plan to root, go with that. I just got one a week ago or so, and it has been a fantastic experience. I was worried about playing games and stuff, but it plays any game very smoothly.

      1. The evo has a larger developer base than a nexus phone? I know evo is popular and has some development but nexus line is the developer phone. Evo is out dated.

        1. Yeah, Nexus S 4G is where it’s at.

  15. I’ve had Gingerbread on my Evo for months.

  16. They should leak the rom already. I would load it.

  17. So wait.. Is there a quote or something confirming this?

  18. “HTC’s desire to keep supporting is expected.” Htc’s Desire, pun intended?

  19. Quentyn HTC (and Sprint) abandoned the Hero, which was the latest and greatest at that time, 9 months after release. They could have upgraded it to Froyo.

  20. And just for the record anyone on sprint don’t be worried or get caught up in all this garbage about Lte/Wimax. Ok yes LTE is fast with (1) device operating on it and used just for data, meanwhile sprint runs voice and data on the same network along with over 10 different 4g devices on the now network. Bottom line here the current wimax 4g network can be backhauled into Lte so any current device on sprint will work on any Lte network just won’t run like verizon’s devices sprint will run both lte and wimax as one network. GO OUT THERE AND GET THE EVO 3D IT WILL BE THE BEST DEVICE ON THE MARKET VERIZON WILL NEVER HAVE A DEVICE BETTER THAN THIS…

    1. 1. You’re not Richard so STFU. 2. You must be pretty childish to impersonate someone that quite a few people dislike. 3. The absence of his profile picture is a dead giveaway dumbass. Therefore, you are not him. 4. And this is how I really know you aren’t Richard, Sprint doesn’t run “voice and data on the same network…”. AT&T does. Clearly if you think this, you’ve never been on Sprint. Whenever I make a call on my Samsung Moment, my data shuts off. Richard at least knows this. I may not like the guy, think he makes a complete ass of himself, and makes wild outrageous claims, but impersonating him is taking it to the lowest low. Good job you stupid dumbass, you FAIL!

  21. Don’t expect gingerbread on the samsung epic

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