[Update: $149.99 From LetsTalk, Wirefly] Pre-order the T-Mobile G2x From Walmart Today for $179.99


The T-Mobile G2x isn’t set to launch until Friday, but you can stake your claim to one right now thanks to Walmart. They’ve put the device up for pre-order and we expect they’ll ship your device at the same time T-Mobile will.  You can get $20 off by going through Walmart, too, but that ends tomorrow so get a move on it if you want to take advantage of that deal. Otherwise, T-Mobile’s official launch is just a couple of days away. [via Cellphone Signal]

[Update]: Looks like LetsTalk and Wirefly are getting in on the pre-order and are offering even better discounts – how’s $150 sound? Yep, you want it. LetsTalk here, Wirefly here.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. When does the 3d phone drop….1st

    1. but about 15th is just online or also in shops (where)?

  2. wirefly has it for $150. they also have the sidekick

  3. $549.00 without contract. I thought retail was $499.00?

  4. yeah, $549 off contract and no shipping date listed. no thanks. I’ll wait till 12am Friday and pay $499 with tmo.

  5. It ships on 4/20 from Wirefly. Not to encourage people to be rude to customer service, but talking to Tmo cancellation department may get you a price match and a 4/15 ship date. If you can’t get a price match, give them the promo code “courtesy” to get them to apply the Mail-in-Rebate instantly. They called me to suggest a free MT4G and gave the code.

    1. i tried that, and it didnt work

      1. I’m guessing you talked to a department other than Customer Loyalty (cancel service). They are one of the only departments that can get you a real discount. They just gave me free shipping and applied a $50 credit to my account to offset the rebate. Phones are in the mail.

  6. Goodbye sgs4g hello g2x…
    cm7 ftw!

  7. i’d wait for amazon. they usually have the best price + no tax

  8. I says $199.00 on Walmart’s site when it’s an upgrade.

  9. here is the link:

    also, they are actually doing $50 discount in the cart; bringing it down to $149.99

  10. Can’t find the phone on wallmart’s site, appears to be a gag?

  11. so i can go to walmart and tell them i wanna pre order the tmobile g2x? for 199.99

  12. Will this ship on the 15th or 20th?

    1. Wirefly ships the 20th.

  13. bye verizon

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