Verizon LG Revolution Enters Testing Phase


It was only a few months ago during CES when Phandroid got their hands-on time with the LG Revolution. With nothing more than a vague Q2 release date, it looks as if the Revolution’s immenent release is almost upon us. Android Central is reporting that the phone has now entered its testing phase and they also secured additional pics of the device in all of its psuedo Touch Whizzy glory.

I feel like this phone will be picked up by unassuming soccer mom’s and kids looking for a more budget friendly LTE device on Verizon. What do you guys think? Has this phone already been bested by the Thunderbolt? Will you wait for some pricing options or continue to hold out for Motorola’s dual-core Droid Bionic?

[Via Android Central]

Chris Chavez
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  1. It seem like Verizon is just catching up to other carriers. If the phones aren’t lacking one thing it’s another. If they can’t wow me by the time my contract is up i might just go to another carrier.

  2. I don’t know why this phone even exists. This should be the optimus 2x

    1. I agree. This is an issue with Verizon. They continue to get jumped by the other carriers. I would be happy if they just added a Nexus S and this phone should be the Optimus 2x. Everyone seems to be getting one. I used to have t-mobile and the only reason I don’t now is because of poor coverage and my travel habits. What is the hold up.

      1. Yeah, what happened? Remember when the Droid and Droid Incredible were still new and all the buzz was that Verizon was THE home of high-end Androids? As a T-Mobile customer I used to be jealous of Verizon custmers. (Well, okay I’m still jealous of their coverage and they’re not being bought by AT&T) Now, T-Mobile has the high-end phone momentum with the G2x, the Sensation, and probably the SGS2.

        1. I’m thinking of jumping ship to Tmobile for the G2X or the HTC Sensation. The Droid Bionic is no where to be found and it’s unclear whether the Samsung S2 will even come to Verizon within a reasonable time frame.

  3. I smell a FOUL odor coming from Verizon with all there 2011 devices that are really all 2010 specs. Oh I forgot they feel because they have LTE that nothing ELSE MATTERS…Great way to go that’s what happens when you get to big for your britches you become OUT OF TOUCH with your customer base…I’m sure the usual verizon fanboys think this lineup is the best cause there all jaded now with all that speed on a data only network with (1) device in LTE operation…KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK VERIZON..

    1. And sprint is so much better? Im no fanboy but you think sprint is so good and yes we know the EVO 3d is coming but thats not that great of a phone spec wise compared to what other offerings there are from the other carriers. Verizon is behind yes but they always seem to be maybe that will change who knows. They still have a nice lineup not to mention the Galaxy s 2 will blow all of these phones out of the water.

      1. I’m a Verizon customer but I have to admin their announced lineup looks like crap in comparison to the other carriers. The Bionic is the only officially announced dual core phone. Meanwhile Tmobile is picking up the LG 2X/G2X next week and the HTC Sensation this summer. I’d love to see the Samsung S2 but it’s not official for any US carrier but AT&T and Tmobile are likely to see it first.

      2. what world do you live in spec wise…check your fact sheets before you discuss what is better on any other carriers your another one on this site that thinks what he believes is better than others…Grow up howe about that

        1. Hahah the pot calling the kettle black on that one you are the most close minded fanboy I have ever seen. I mean you are on sprint and think that the EVO 3d is god. One its just a phone but if thats what gets your rocks off then hey you must have a pretty shitty life.

    2. Wow. Way to be civilized about voicing your opinions. Even I don’t sound like such a douche when voicing mine. Here’s a few snippets reengineered as if from a fanatical Verizon customer. “Oh I forgot, they feel because they have WIMAX that nothing ELSE MATTERS…” So why is there the possibility that we’ll be switching to an LTE network? Oh thats right, clearwire practically went bankrupt. “I’m sure the usual Sprint fanboys think [their] lineup is the best cause they’re all jaded now with all those 4G devices and a 3D capable phones.” Take a look in the mirror and calm your senseless self down. You are just as crazed (if not more) than they are. I personally haven’t seen anyone say anything to the effect of “THUNDERBOLT WILL RULE THE VERIZON NETWORK FOR THE NEXT YEAR!” or other like minded stuff. You, on the other hand, say things like this about Sprint on an almost daily basis. Good job at being such a great hypocrite.
      There is more than one device on Verizon’s LTE network. As I stated in a post weeks ago, there are at least 3 different LTE capable usb modems and 1 or 2 LTE capable hotspots in addition to the Thunderbolt. So your claim is already false.

      1. As I stated (1) smartphone device at this time…WHO CARES that they have usb modems (2) capable hotspots so does sprint and every other carrier for that matter.. You act like verizon is god and disrespect others thoughts and feelings like yours rules over anyone else’s…WHICH IT DOES NOT ONLY IN YOUR WORLD…You need to stop worrying about what others post and how they feel cause they are entitlied to their thought and opinions such as you are…Dont ever think your thoughts mean more than others cause every has experiences in the real world with all these carriers not just you. So you can only speak of yours and should do so just like I should…You will never be able to silence me so don’t try it won’t work

        1. Noone’s trying to silence you, but you really should try thinking about what you post before posting. You really sound like a complete idiot.

        2. Hahaha if you only had the guts to look in a mirror! 1. You didn’t say “smartphone” you said “device”. Don’t believe me? Read your own comment. They’re your words, not mine. 2. From your perspective, I guess I could see how you would think that I think that “Verizon is god”. But given that I’m not even a Verizon customer and never have been, your assumptions are WAY off. Besides, why don’t you take a look at your own comments. I’d be willing to bet over half of them have a “ALL HAIL SPRINT” tone to them and bashes every other carrier. At least I try to be objective in my comments by at least acknowledging where there are faults. You act like Sprint has none and is the greatest thing since the wheel. 3. Hahaha you’re telling me I’m disrespecting other’s thoughts and feelings?! When have I ever said anyone’s OPINIONS were “misinformed” or “wrong”? To my knowledge, I haven’t. You on the other hand, can’t go two posts without doing so. Just look at your post that begins with “more false claims…” You’re flat out telling him HIS experiences and HIS opinions are wrong. If you can’t see that, then you’re obviously not a decent, civilized person. 4. I don’t think my thoughts mean more than others. But you certainly do. Especially with the above mentioned opinion-bashing. 5. “So you can only speak of yours and should do so just like I should” REALLY NOW????? Here’s a quote from one of your recent posts just on this article: “more false claims on your part”. How are you “only speaking of your [experiences] here?! That’s right, you’re not. Stop being such a selfish hypocritical ass and learn to look at who you really are. You really do look like a joke when you make statements such as these.

    3. That foul odor isn’t from verizon. Its coming from your upper lip.

    4. haha yarrelray your trolling is legendary.

  4. BING???

  5. Netflix?

  6. I have the HTC Thunderbolt and I will say this, unacceptable battery life. Trust me I have had a few other androids before this. If you think smartphone battery life sucks in general, you haven’t seen the Thunderbolt. Even with the 2750mah extended battery, I will say it is decent, you still have to charge it every night. And it isn’t an HTC related problem. These LTE phones have a 2g/3g chip and 3g/LTE chip so they can do voice/data simultaneously. So these phones will eat up battery even when 4G is turned off. With the Stock battery, these devices cannot last 5 hours of heavy usage. For some of us, that means having a dead phone before noon.

    1. My thunderbolt lasts all day with pretty heavy use so yeah the battery sucks but there are alot of people making it through a day with stock battery although i do wish htc would put bigger batteries in their phones.

      1. I live in Cambridge, so I use the 4G all the time. I use the tethering feature alot and have Pandora running all the time. So even the Extended battery is barely enough for me.

        1. If you use your smartphone like a laptop of course you’re going to drain the battery in no time. Most laptops don’t last mor ethan a couple hours unplugged, why would you expect your smartphone to… This will be a problem with any phone you will ever have in the next few years.

      2. more false claims on your part…Everyone knows that the thunderbolt battery drain inside of 4hrs of heavy use every blog site says so every podcast every made says so. I have had a htc device for a long time and batteriers have been the major issue we all know that…we all pick our posion when we deal with smartphones…

        1. you have no idea how long his device lasts…just shutit, you always seem to have something unimportant and usually wrong to say.

          1. Mine works through the day no problem. Heck took my kids to the zoo used my TB as my camera and video recoirder.. Sound sucked, but battery worked great all day. Lasted 7 hours and was at 40% before I hooked back to my charger.

        2. As I have said before, unless you were right there holding his hand through every minute of every hour of every day, how would you know that what he is claiming is “false”? Stop talking. You’re embarrassing yourself.

          1. Thank you I love how he always thinks he knows everything but then he bashes other people who say something different. He is just mad that his EVO 3d that he said would rule android all of 2011 is already being outdone spec wise.

          2. He doesn’t care if he embarrasses himself. In fact, the more of an idiot he makes himself look like, the more triumphant he thinks he is. When he gets desperate, he posts that fucking dan hesse video. He really brings new definition to the term “stupid nigger”.

          3. Ignorance at it’s best.

    2. I will say this though, once you experience 4G LTE, you will never ever settle for anything else. It’s probably faster than your broadband. And even w/ the single core processor, it’s faster than any 2010 phone, so it’s snappy enough for my needs. Oh, and don’t forget, Unlimited LTE will be gone b4 you know it. I was going to hold out for the Bionic, but I did not want to risk it.

  7. VZW easily has the weakest line-up of the carriers. The best is Tmo, but sadly, their coverage SUCKS in all but metro areas. I was with them 7 years and gave up. Now I deal with VZW with their suck butt phone options and their zapping one year plans.

    Things will not get better, as long as people continue to willfully pay premium prices for older tech. Why would VZW bother? More margin for them charging premium prices for the older tech.

    You Tbolter’s should be ashamed…. ;)

    1. your an idiot! vzw has some of the most iconic devices ever

  8. Older technology means smaller subsidy. Then Verizon locks you into a contact for 20 months before an upgrade.

  9. Droid 3 or Im goin to sprint or tmo…if i have to sign a 2 yr deal I’m goin for the dual core unless the Targa comes out as stock

  10. This phone doesn’t excite me so much!!..

  11. Guess I am not the only one that see’s verizon lineup isn’t nothing special to write home and tell anyone about…Just be honest about it everyone can that…At&t too they don’t have nothing exceptional other than the Motorola Atrix 4g and Htc Inspire 4g. Let’s keep it real…Tmobile and Sprint are rolling hard and don’t need to cloud people’s minds with this speed garbage they cloud people’s minds with exceptional devices that match today’s market not 2010’s market…Your only fooling yourself verizon fanboys

    1. Both Verizon and AT&T have the number one selling smartphone in the world in their lineups (hint: it aint the Thunderbolt or the Atrix!)

      1. Richard wears a helmet and rides the short bus. If it isn’t sprint/evo, then its stupid, outdated, last years tech, or downright evil. Phandroid likes his trolling and never removes his comments because he single handedly racks up more posts for the totals between him posting his bullshit and everyone dumb enough to respond to him.

        1. ah……more likely phandroid doesn’t want to sensor anyone as we would all complain like crazy.

          1. I have noticed a few posts being flagged, but none of them (to my knowledge) were Richard’s.

    2. So when the tmobile and ATT&T buyout happens lets see how much you like your non existing wimax when big red comes to save sprint from falling off the face of the earth.

  12. I love LG and wanted this phone since my contract is already up since august. So I was thinking about getting this phone, but man the more I think about it I think I will wait for something better!

  13. I just switched from Sprint and the Evo to Verizon and the Thunderbolt. I have to say I have no plans on switching back. The Tbolt is much faster than my rooted Evo was and Verizon’s network is MUCH better, not to mention 4g is coming to my area this summer which is why I decided to switch in the first place. Sprint has no plans at all to bring thier 4g to my area any time soon. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my Evo, but the tbolt blows it out of the water. For those of you thinking the “dual core” thing is going to be sooo much better, you better think again. Yes it will help in the gaming aspect, but not much more. And as for 3d, come on, really…that’s just a gimmick for a smart phone. Tbolt + Verizon = #1…sorry my former Evo friends, but it’s the truth.

  14. You guys have to be kidding me right? The phones we have heard about so far for this year may be a little lacking but verizon usually has some aces in the hole. Look at last years phones…….Droid 1, 2 , and X, htc incredible, fascinate, and that’s just off the top of my head.

  15. Does anyone know how long after the ‘testing phase’ the phone actually appears in the store? Do the manufactures just start making them after the testing phase or do they already have 1,456,000 made waiting to ship if it tests ok? JW…I’m confused myself here.
    Verizon seems to be coming up with all these stipulations lately…can’t do this, can’t do that, can’t have this, geeze, I’m beginning to really feel that I’m in a communist contract! Air sure costs a lot these days!

  16. This phone from what was shown before should be the first voiec over LTE phone.. From what I know so far Thunderbolt still uses the normal channels for calling. LG is the first to have the voice and data over LTE..

  17. If I’m going to be forced into a 2 year contract, I’ll need the phone with the absolute best hardware specs available at the moment. As software progresses and new functionality is introduced I don’t want to be limited by lame hardware. That means it’s dual-core or bust for me. Manufacturers are already projecting quad-cores for 2012. What the hell am I going to do with a single core once OSes and other software are optimized for multicore? I am aware that dual core isn’t really necessary right now, but 2 years is a long freakin’ time in the tech world.

    F U Verizon! Step your game up!

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