Apr 12th, 2011

With all the messaging/video/calling apps flooding the Market these days, its rare when one of them truly sets themselves apart. Enter Jajah.

How the app works is it allows you to make calls to your friends and family who are logged into Facebook Chat. Sounds easy enough, right? But I know what you’re thinking, “Do the people I call have to set up an account first or some kind of 3rd party software installed?” The answer is no!

Simply open the app, make a call to someone logged into Facebook Chat and the person will be notified of your call via a handy link. The link will forward the recipient to Jajah’s website where they will immediately be connected with you.

I’ve never seen something more easy and practical to use. I personally never got into other voice/video calling apps like Tango, or LiveProfile because it required both users to have the app or open an account which I found to be more of a hassle. Jajah’s method is a little more universal (everyone is on Facebook nowadays, right?) and user friendly. It needs to be said that this app will use your plan’s minutes so keep thats something to keep in mind when making calls.

[Via TechCrunch]

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