Conspin: The Remote You Need, For the Devices You Have


Another day, another device that has Android slapped on it. Conspin, known for there home theater gizmos, has just released the Andi-One, the first Android powered universal remote.
Through this device you’ll be able to remotely control up to 50 of your devices over WiFi, RF or IR. The remote supports over 10,000 devices from 5,000 brands.
When it’s broken down, this device is nothing more than an Android PMP with the IR and RF transmitters added in; but anything to make two (or 12) devices into one is a good thing. And come commerical time, finish that blasted Angry Birds level or channel surf, dealers choice.

The breakdown:

  • 3.5 inch display
  • Android 2.1
  • RF, IR, WiFi
  • 2, 4, 8 and 16GB options
  • 20 hour battery
  • WiFi telephone option

[via Gizmodo | ubergizmo]

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  1. This company either has a lot of spare capital or see something I don’t. That trailer was gruesome. If it costs less than logitech’s super remote, then it has a chance.


  2. This remote is $50 dollars cheaper than the Harmony® 1100 Advanced Universal Remote and I can play Angry Birds on it.

  3. RF and IR is something every smartphone should have by now. IPhone can at least rely on 3rd party add-on hardware. IR costs pennies. PENNIES! What’s the big deal? Google could at least get software support baked into Android (like they just did for gyroscopes in Gingerbread), putting the ball in device manufacturers’ court.

  4. Why not use Bluetooth enabled IR or RF sender and any bluetooth enabled smartphone….. and free apps to drive it.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. I just want an IR blaster for droid, and some software to run it.

  6. “known for there home theater gizmos”
    Woohoo for more typos! Is it too much to ask for a reputable tech site to put their stories into MS Word and run a quick grammar check?

  7. Where are people finding pricing information? What is the price, anyway? I keep thinking this is one of those, “If you have to ask, you can’t afford it” sorts of things.

    (But I totally want one, if only so I can finally consolidate my PS3 and Apple TV remotes away, since my current stereo’s ‘universal’ remote doesn’t have RF or IR learning…)

    1. i’ve found $350, but i can’t find where you can purchase one. two distributors were listed, but they look like bulk providers to resellers. can’t put one in a cart.
      i need this thing!

  8. That is fucking epic man!!! Great device!!

  9. can control 50 devices great man

  10. Awesome, but they need someone who speaks English on staff. From their website:
    “Andi-One of the content can be easy connected”
    Hilarious. The whole site is like that.

  11. I’m curious about how the dock works. It mentions HDMI out which means this could be an Android based media streaming device as well, but I’m afraid the remote has to be plugged into the dock to use the HDMI out. Seems like that would defeat the whole remote purpose for that.

    It also doesn’t mention macros explicitly, but it does say it has an “action history” that I guess might work. I still wish electronics manufacturers would get on the ball and create smarter remotes/devices that report current status so that my “turn on and watch DVD” macro doesn’t turn off the TV if it’s already on.

    1. From the video, it appeared that there were some actions in there (e.g. watch a video”, but it was hard to determine if custom macros could be done. Considering this thing is basically all software, it could probably be easily added.

      As for the “current status”, that is all well and good if your remote is always used and always works. If, for some reason, they get out of sync, it is no good.

      What they need is for electronic to begin being able to report their status to such devices… or have a dedicated on and off signal (most of my electronics do, except for the cable box).

  12. hmm, so when I replace my X with a Bionic or X2, could I use my old X with this software? bam, 4.3″ touch screen remote, already paid for ;) We probably can right?

    1. It may have issues with the lack of IR/RF functionality…but I was thinking the same thing.

  13. Oh this is sweet. I am a remote junky. It remembers 20 of your last commands and so does the Harmony. Not sure if that will infringe on the Logitech Patent or not. It has a compatible Iphone port and yet Conspin is not an apple accessory partner. There again, could be another patent issue. I really want this though and I hope more are on the way from other companies.

  14. Want one!

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