First Impressions of the LG Revolution 4G LTE Smartphone for Verizon


The LG Revolution might look pretty familiar to you, and if you’re astute you will recognize that it is Verizon’s version of the internationally-known LG Optimus 2X, in appearance anyway. We can’t find any confirmation that it’s 1GHz processor is the same dual-core Tegra 2 found in the 2X. Our quick time with the handset left us with good feelings about what could be LG’s first legitimate movement in the US smartphone market.

Like the rest of Verizon’s 4G line of phones, a front-facing camera coupled with Skype Mobile provides one of the best mobile video chatting experiences we have seen yet. The speed of the processor and network should cut down on lag and choppy video, but as of now Verizon is only showing the service off via a video demo.

We will have to spend more time with each of the 4G LTE handsets before we decide which reigns supreme, but make your own decision by checking out the little walkthrough below:

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  1. First.
    Also, it’s looking good.

  2. Man I want this phone so bad.


  4. I HOPE its dual core 1ghz because this thing looks AWESOME!!! woo it’s AOSP 2.2!!! nice~ finally LG is coming back!!! (too bad i’m on t-mobile but i’ll be getting the LG Optimus 2X for t-mobile when it comes out) way to go LG!!! (don’t ever get motorola) i prefer HTC, LG, and Samsung

  5. Probbably My next Phone.

  6. “First legitimate movement?” What did you say those Optimus S/T/M/U etc sales numbers were again?

  7. The LG Optimus 2x has an 8 megapixel’s camera in the back.

  8. Shouldve videochat with Charles Barkley

  9. No Tegra 2, no sale.

  10. heh….It looks pretty. Android 2.2 and 1gig processor not enough without duel core to get this one.

  11. LG always yet makes pretty phones for Verizon. i still have yet to see a nice LG phone for AT&T which I would like to see so I can make up my mind on what to upgrade.

  12. wtf is up with all these new phones coming out w/o a dedicated camera button…how irritating!

  13. Pretty sure it is Tegra 2.

  14. Release date ?

  15. better have 2.3 when comes out and this babys mine

  16. It surely is not the Optimus 2x cuz the Optimus has an 8 M camera…and well, no carrier tag on it :)

  17. According to CNet, it DOES NOT have the Tegra 2.

  18. I doubt LG would step down from a Duel core just for the verizon model. I think it still has the duel core element. If it doesn’t then I am Droid Bionic bound.Those are the two devices I am most excited about owning.

  19. I doubt LG would step down from a Duel core just for the verizon model. I think it still has the duel core element. If it doesn’t then I am Droid Bionic bound.Those are the two devices I am most excited about owning.

  20. its spelled DUAL core. meaning two
    not duel core like a battle that rages inside of the processor… just sayen

  21. It’s saying…vs sayen.

    Simply stating.

  22. LoL
    those Verizon people don’t have clue about stuff they’re showcasing!
    just watched video for Samsung’s new 4G phone, and all that chick knew is “1GHz processor” :-D

  23. to bad it has bing deal breaker for me since it seemed to be running vanilla android

  24. Looks like no UI skin either. 6 months is a long time to wait.

  25. Put the dual core on there, give it stock, and the masses will flock

  26. It is a BING phone.. just satin.. I know you can get google apps, but..

  27. innovative back side desing. Whats the other specs?

  28. I don’t think this is the Optimus 2X. Like someone said b4, it’s doesn’t have the 8mp camera. Plus, the LG Optimus commercial I saw showed what looked like vanilla Android.

  29. @tomnewtn you’re dumb af if you think you’re funny for telling me how i spelled sayen. Your comment only proves that you are old af and probably live in your grandmother’s basement. I say grandmother because your mom passed away when you were a child and your dad is an alcoholic who left shortly after her death. The sense of abandonment caused you immense trauma and resulted in your behavioral problems during your teenage life. You fell into the wrong crowd and started ditching class. Your poor grandmother was never able to discipline you because you took advantage of the scoliosis that mangled her bones. Eventually, after dropping out of high school, you worked full time working at McDonald’s as head rat-smashing technician. You steal your crippled grandmother’s social security checks to pay for your midget porn addiction and daily pack of Newport Pleasure. I take pleasure knowing that you simultaneously fapped to an orgy of interracial dwarfs while choking down on your cancer sticks and trying to correct my internet pseudo-english on this technology blog.

  30. boom, roasted.

  31. harriot cookson!

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