Official DROID X Android 2.3 Gingerbread OTA Slowly Rolling Out? Might Bring Netflix Support


Something interesting has found its way over from AndroidForums.com today – Verizon may be issuing an upgrade to Android 2.3 to several lucky DROID X owners. It was first reported late this morning and trusted developer P3Droid has since been able to verify the story’s legitimacy – he has it himself. If you’re the latest stock build available from Verizon and Motorola (which is based on 2.2), you may be able to pull it down using the usual method in the Settings  > About Phone menu.

Those of you who are on the leaked Gingerbread build won’t be able to see it. It has also been confirmed that the OTA build is quite a bit different from what was leaked not too long ago. For starters, BLUR and overall build version numbers differ from the leak and this one seems to include a .jar file with the word “netflix” in it.

It wouldn’t be farfetch’d to hear that Verizon would be bringing the app to their users considering the application was first tipped to us on one of their unreleased phones, the LG Revolution. (And let’s hope that they aren’t getting exclusive early rights to the app like they did with Skype and like they will with Skype Video.)

I’d advise anyone curious to hold off on trying to get this one pulled down, though, unless you don’t care about losing root and possibly losing the ability to install new ROMs. (P3Droid suspects there may be some new encryption baked into this build which would force them to find another way around it, if at all possible.) [via AndroidForums.com, Thanks Steven!]

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  1. I’m on leaked GB now. I’m tempted to go back to .340 and d/l it.

    1. I am too. I’m going to wait to confirm that it is out for everyone, then I will do it.

      1. I’m going to be patient to see what other folks say about it so I don’t get myself in trouble (again).. ;)

        1. Agreed… I’m not 100% happy with the leak, but just too lazy to switch back. I’ll stick on that for a while.

          1. I love my leak…I am running RubiX for GB on it. It’s been great.

  2. That’s good hopefully the Evo will be getting this update soon also lol

    1. I think EVO will take a bit longer, but I’d hold off till there is root.

  3. Come on motorola/verizon, send me and my X some of that sweet sweet gingerbread lovin!!!!!

  4. I’m hoping some of those nice people that are far smarter than me are able to exise the Netflix support (if the rumor should prove founded) and wrap it up nicely for other GB ROMS. (My little Eris buddy already has Gingerbread… how about some streaming Netflix next?)

    1. From what I’ve been reading, that won’t be possible. The NetFlix client uses hardware based DRM, and so it’ll be device-specific. You won’t be able to take the NetFlix client from one phone and port it to a different model phone.

      That was the big problem in the first place: there’s no unified DRM for Android, so NetFlix is having to implement DRM for each device (or possibly chipset) separately.

  5. Need some GB I’m about Froyo’ed out.

  6. Just checked from my X and nothing yet… I hope it does have netflix support

  7. well netflix logs the device ID … so if someone posts the netflix apk it likely wont work unless you hack your device ID to read something netflix will support… regardless is a ROM gets “offical netflix” you can bet xda will have a new pet project.

  8. You friggen kidding me?!? I just flashed the leaked GB 10 mins ago lol …eh if netflix is all that’s added the n ohwell. I really could care less about it but since there might be a hidden code to prevent romming im good with the leak.

  9. So would you have to flash back if you’re using the leak?

    1. When the FroYo ROM came out, I had to do just that… and when I beta tested the Eclair and FroYo on my original Droid, I must have flashed my phone 30 times.

      Depending on how Motorola packages them, the updates can be tied to your previous version of the OS, since they only update the changed files. If you don’t have the correct version to start from, the update process can’t give you the correct update file.

  10. Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Can’t wait! My stock X still says no update available. But I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve waiting for that Gingerbread goodness the next morning. ;)

    1. just got off the phone with aVerizon CSR who actually read me what his screen said regarding the upgrade.

      apparently they started to roll out the update a couple days ago, and each day they increase the number of users they push the update to, in case it has severe issues, that way they don’t do something wrong and brick all their droid-x customers or stress out their network if there’s a bug, or something.

      it’s a server-initiated upgrade so pushing “check for updates” won’t really speed it up and most of the CSRs (god bless ’em) don’t understand the upgrade process, let alone know how to initiate it (even if they could)

      the guy i spoke with was super nice, but had no idea what I was talking about and just searched in their software for the answer and read it to me (probably against verizon policy, but whatever!)

  11. I have yet to see any new features in Gingerbread that make me give a damn. What’s all the fuss?

    If it includes a fix that makes it accept voice commands without a 30+ second wait, I *might* be happy.

    1. Voice commands are BRUTAL.

  12. Been running the leak since it came and I’m rolling back to 2.2 now to install this one also. I love my Droid X!

  13. Only fix I’m hoping for is to keep my wireless connection active instead of quietly disconnecting constantly. That and some extra speed and I’m happy.

  14. Per Verizon. System version 2.3.340 is the current available version. 2.3.340 is Froyo.

  15. People it isnt a rollout………VZ itself says so –> http://blogs.computerworld.com/18122/verizon_droid_x_gingerbread_rollout

    i cant see why theyd lie about this when having a GB rollout would make them look good. i mean lets think about this, how many people have ACTUALLY gotten the update ota? One? Two? If you ask me it sounds like its a dev build that got sent to a few people either by mistake or for testing.

  16. I’m thinkin two things
    1 if I have to give up root, in order to update to 2.3 I probbably wont do it.
    2 If the only reason to update to 2.3 is to get the netflix app that has already leaked for 2.2 ( http://www.droid-life.com/2011/03/23/leaked-netflix-app-on-android-now-works/ ) then I see no reason to even update to gingerbread. I might just stay with 2.2 until there is a way to root first.

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