Apr 12th, 2011

Something interesting has found its way over from AndroidForums.com today – Verizon may be issuing an upgrade to Android 2.3 to several lucky DROID X owners. It was first reported late this morning and trusted developer P3Droid has since been able to verify the story’s legitimacy – he has it himself. If you’re the latest stock build available from Verizon and Motorola (which is based on 2.2), you may be able to pull it down using the usual method in the Settings  > About Phone menu.

Those of you who are on the leaked Gingerbread build won’t be able to see it. It has also been confirmed that the OTA build is quite a bit different from what was leaked not too long ago. For starters, BLUR and overall build version numbers differ from the leak and this one seems to include a .jar file with the word “netflix” in it.

It wouldn’t be farfetch’d to hear that Verizon would be bringing the app to their users considering the application was first tipped to us on one of their unreleased phones, the LG Revolution. (And let’s hope that they aren’t getting exclusive early rights to the app like they did with Skype and like they will with Skype Video.)

I’d advise anyone curious to hold off on trying to get this one pulled down, though, unless you don’t care about losing root and possibly losing the ability to install new ROMs. (P3Droid suspects there may be some new encryption baked into this build which would force them to find another way around it, if at all possible.) [via AndroidForums.com, Thanks Steven!]

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