Developer Removes N64oid from Android Market Due to Complaints


I hope you weren’t planning on buying N64oid anytime soon because you may have just lost your change for a while. Yongzh – the developer – has decided to unpublish the application from the Android market. The reason cited seems to be market commenters’ issues that are simply out of his control for the time being. Instead of continuing to be heckled to issue a fix, he’s instead decided to take the application off the market completely.

I’m not exactly sure he handled it the correct way considering there are paying customers who won’t be able to access the application should it ever end up uninstalled, but you should take solace in knowing that it’ll be back up in 2-3 months. (Yes, we know it’s a long wait.) You can thank folks not knowing what goes into emulation for that.

Especially for 3D games, it’s impossible to accurately emulate EVERY SINGLE GAME for the Nintendo 64 on a large variety of devices. And those who understand that unfortunately won’t get the more frequent updates they’ve paid for. It’s a shame, but if that’s what must be done… [Android Forums via Droid Gamers]

PS: No, you won’t have to pay for the update a few months from now if you’ve already paid for the app. It’s likely the developer has just changed visibility of the app and not deleted it altogether.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Wasn’t he stealing Nintendo’s software anyways?

    1. No and if you bought N64 games, you should be able to make your own roms from them to use with this emulator.

      1. I have approved this message

        1. I have not approved this message

          1. I approve of this message.

          2. LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!………..wait….huh

          3. This is what happens when I log on to disqus from another computer

      2. I have not approved this message.
        And how the hell would most people do this now at this present time.

      3. I have not approved this message.
        And how the hell would most people do this now at this present time.

  2. He wasn’t posting any roms, so no, he wasn’t. The emulator it’s self does not violate any copyrights although the roms themselves do.

  3. I used to work for Nintendo, anything with Rom or Emulator they consider stealing…

    oh Yeah Nintedo sucks…..

    1. Although I flash CM 7 on my phone yesterday and re-downloaded the ROM? Ok. Gone since March. LoL!!

  4. Emulators themselves are not illegal.

    1. This is what I was referring to earlier. I’ve never researched anything regarding the emulator ‘OS’ software, so I was simply asking about the legality of it.

  5. I had an email response from Yongzh about this days after it got pulled down. Its a shame that it came to this, as everyone knows if there is an emulator dev you can trust. It is most certainly Yongzh.

  6. I reset my phone last month to remove my root and i couldn’t download this app. >=1 I paid for this and now its unavailable. And finally you guys figured it out. I’ve been googling for an answer. Thank you.

  7. I believe it was taken down due to GPL violations. Yongzh was using FOSS code and wasn’t abiding by the terms and conditions regarding GPL. You can find more information here:

    1. More than likely he’ll just credit the sources and make the source available. Since he pulled it himself, its not that big of a deal and make the changes necessary to cover his ass, and put it back for sale.

  8. The worst part is that the app is copy -protected so I can’t even move it to my SD card smh been loving his roms since day 1 tho

  9. I bet most of the comments were similar to “OMG WHY WON’T OCARINA OF TIEM RUN ON MY G1?!?!?!?!? THIS APP SUX”

  10. I found it at If you already purchased but lost it, I wouldn’t consider it immoral to download it that way– at least until it’s reissued in a few months.

  11. This makes me sad, I never noticed it was pulled. My phone runs the games I want to play with it perfectly. I was wondering why it hasn’t been updated in a a while.

  12. Disappointing that so many ignorant people could not see a great thing when it was right in front of their eyes(considering the fact that super mario 64 ran flawlessly which is awesome in itself)… it is stated it takes a lot for an emulator of this magnitude to run without any flaws on so many devices….but I am optimistic that yongzh will do what he does best and make it worth the wait!!! cant wait for it to be released!!!

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