HTC Sensation Gets Official by Way of Qualcomm and Vodafone, Rocks 1.2GHz Dual-Core CPU


Qualcomm and Vodafone have put to rest any doubt that today’s London-based HTC event will be all about the HTC Sensation. Not only have both companies independently revealed the phone ahead of launch, but they have given a preview of what specs we can expect of the device we once called the HTC Pyramid. Confirmed is a 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor, a 4.3-inch qHD Super LCD display, 4GB of internal storage, and an 8MP camera with dual-LED flash. Add in a VGA front-facing camera for good measure. The Sensation rocks Android 2.3 Gingerbread with the most recent version of the Sense UI.

HTC will let the cat all the way out of the bag come the press event today, which will be kicking off within the hour. Stay tuned for the that.

[via Gizmodo]

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  1. wow 111 htc joins the league …..gud to knw…
    still something has’nt changed
    same design

    camera exposed to be scratched

    wonder a htc dual core …with xenon flash and camera (a bit safe)(or covered )..

    rest htc rocks!!!

    HTC desire user

    1. Its not the same design, if you observe the back a bit there is a bit of raise around the camera but its not as much as past HTC phones. You can see the video here it doesn’t seem that bad.
      Anyway the overall all design looks quite nice with the nice metal stripe on the back

  2. This will be great for tmobile the pyramid/sensation the difference of this to the Htc Evo 3d is the dualcore processor. Evo 3d has the MSM 8660, the Pyramid/Sensation has the MSM 8260 processors both are rolling with the adreno 220gpu. The Evo 3d will be faster and handle gaming better

    1. Knowing T-mobile’s track record with Sense this phone will either have stock Android or the same version of Sense like on the Mytouch 4G. Hell this might even be the new Mytouch for T-mobile.

    2. The difference between the Mobile Station Modem (MSM)8260 and MSM 8660 is nothing more than the modems (MSM8260 – UMTS/ Single Mode and CDMA/Multimode for the MSM8660). One will NOT have a performance edge processor-wise over the other, it is only the modems in the chipsets. The radio in your phone has absolutely nothing to do with the phone’s 3D-rendering capability, nor its speed or ability to handle gaming. Just because the phone is going to say “Evo” on it, doesn’t mean that Qualcomm uses hidden quantum processors, magic, and sorcery on a Sprint-branded phone. Yes, the Evo3D is a very nicely spec’d phone, and with the exception of the 3D (which I hate in any gadget) and the fact that it is the ugliest phone I’ve ever seen, I think it’s great – on paper. I pass judgment on nothing until I see working models. I’m not knocking the E3D, not at all; I’m simply pointing out that you shouldn’t hate something and call it a dud or jump on the fanboy wagon and start saying things like “It will be the greatest thing ever.” without ever having held it in your hand. I’m not insulting or attacking you, I am simply telling you that you shouldn’t love or hate something you literally know nothing about or even held in your hand. If the Thunderbolt – to you; formerly ‘Thunderdud’ didn’t teach you that lesson, then I guess any infinitesimal hope we had of you ever being objective in anything Android really is gone. Good luck, I hope the E3D works out for you.

  3. “Stay tuned for the that.”

  4. Awesome looking phone!! Verizon needs a HTC offering this bad *ss. Yes the Thunderbolt is the top of Big V’s mountain but come on, HTC obviously has more tricks up their sleeve.

    I personally don’t give a hoot about 3d screen, rather have a qhd or samoled.

  5. Dear HTC:

    Please stop making all your phones look like the EVO. Can you try a new design please.

    1. This looks like the EVO? Isn’t the EVO for angled with square corners and a straight slab. Atleast this one changes things a bit with a more curve design that the latest htc phones are releasing with. nd the camera seems to be more into the phone then past high end htc phones. It seems like a different approach for there high end line since most of the low end phones from HTC has a similar design. Plus HTC is known for there design and quality so why change that.

    2. The only thing on this phone that looks like the EVO is its 4.3″ screen size and the Dual LED’s. That’s it.

    3. This looks like a bigger Incredible. What pictures are you looking at?

    4. Have you actualyl seen an EVO? From your comment I’ll have to guess that the answer to that is no.

    5. Dear people who have difficulty seeing the difference between designs:

      Please stop putting the triangle into the circle hole.


  6. Just what I thought, no US version(T-Mobile USA).

    And I would still call this thing the Pyramid if I were to buy one.

    1. You though incorrectly. :) If you haven’t seen it yet…check T-Mobile’s Twitter feed…or website (http://blog.t-mobile.com/2011/04/12/htc-sensation-4g-t-mobile-unveils-its-most-powerful-handset/)

      Phone will be on T-Mobile USA this summer.

      1. I jumped the gun but I’m glad I was wrong! thx I seen it.

  7. here is the question now…wait for it to come to the States this summer or go with the G2X….ugh!

  8. This may just keep me from jumping ship and staying with Tmo a bit longer.

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