Android 2.2 Froyo Rolling Out Today for Samsung Intercept on Virgin Mobile


If you own the Samsung Intercept and it just so happens to be with Virgin Mobile, today is your lucky day! Reports have been coming in that some lucky users are being prompted for an over the air update that will bump the Intercept to Android 2.2 Froyo.

Upon completing the update, you will notice all traces of the pseudo Touch Whizzy interface removed in favor of good ‘ol stock vanilla Android.

If you own a Samsung Intercept on Virgin Mobile and have already received the update, chime in below and let us know how you’re liking the update and if you’ve run into any problems at all.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

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  1. Wow an update that takes you from a skin to stock android. I guess it makes it easier to update the device to gingerbread.

  2. I still haven’t gotten it:/ I’m anxious to get it, I can tell I need it too.

  3. Is 8:50 pm April 11, and I still have not received the update. How will I know when I have received it?

  4. Almost 10 no update

  5. Its 8:05 and I haven’t got any update :-( :-

  6. @VMUcare Ok, I counted. It takes me 37-42 seconds to get from the home to the text messaging screen. #samsung #froyo #intercept

  7. I want your source… I think you are a liar!

  8. Is 9:22 pm and still waiting

  9. i think this is foreshadowing to a new phone to the vm lineup


  10. Will rooted phones get the update does anyone know?

    1. If you’re running a stock ROM w/ root, you SHOULD be okay. But if you’re running some other kind of custom ROM than you definitely wont. =/

  11. okay glad to see its not me. 11pm in 8 minutes and nothing

    1. just got mine, in the process of updating now

      1. So did u really get you’re update on your virgin Mobile. Samsung intercept? How is it?
        Where do you stay at? I still haven’t got my update and I stay in California.

        1. I live in southern California and no update for me too

        2. Same here,,,

      2. Make sure to image it so others can share in your joy.

  12. maybe they’ll update them within this week?

  13. Has anybody gotten the freaking update yet?

    1. You don’t get the update all at one time its an over the air update so it could take up to 3wks for everyone to receive. I wanted to make sure you understood it tools out in stages

  14. 8:05 april 11 and still haven’t got my update wen will I get it

    1. You guys need to relax….they never push these updates out to everyone all at once. They come out in waves so as to not stress/overload the network. It’ll come.

  15. I got the same text from virgin mobile and it says it could take up to 2 weeks to be updated

  16. Wow its April 11, 2011 and its 11:33 P.M EST, and no update. Wow Virgin Mobile you know how to disappoint.

  17. im still waitting

  18. I didn’t get any update either. n:(

  19. I think that the news of vm intercept getting its update on April 11 is full of BS, is 10:47 pm (central time) and I still have not gotten the update, I was all excited when I got the message informing of the update, but now I’m disappointed at VM for Lying to us, Forget it I’m going to sleep, I’m tired of waiting!!!!!!

      1. I have it.

  20. Wow screwed by virgin mobil once again between there lies and terreble coverage and service makes for one great company I talked to the company and they said it was being released at 6:00 pm eastern time wow 11:14 still no update big supprise scarred once again. Thanks virgin

    1. You’re a dolt.

    2. idiot.

  21. “Upon completing the update, you will notice all traces of the pseudo Touch Whizzy interface removed in favor of good ‘ol stock vanilla Android.”

    That’s crazy, right???

  22. People read what they want to read I guess. Virgin said the update was rolling out 5000 customers at a time-this was posted on their facebook page and in the text message. Simply because you weren’t one of the first doesn’t mean they lied, it means you didn’t read what they sent or posted.

    1. It didn’t say 5000 customers at a time in my text message, nor the link it linked me to.

  23. Great news, at last samsung seems to be learning!!..

  24. Still havent got the update yet either :( Its 2:27 am EST and nothing what the heck VM!

  25. i got mines yay…didnt even know about it

    1. Well You Suck

  26. I GOT IT, but it said the update.zip wasnt found, and now i cant get it to happen again!

  27. its 1:14am in southern California now and no update. I’m going to bed. Add me on Facebook. [email protected]

  28. Too many people bitching… patience is the key here, get over it!

  29. The update doesn’t come to everyone the same day. It may take a few weeks for everyone to receive it. Still don’t have mine!

  30. Got the update, told it to install. After a while, I now have an exclamation ppoint in a triangle on my screen. Not looking good. I think I may have bricked my phone.

    1. Where you able to resolve the Issue, please let us know so that we don’t install it if it came out defective.

  31. Day 2 and still waiting..Hopefully sometime today..

  32. nothing yet for me here in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. Now running Android 2.1 on a Samsung Intercept. No message from Virgin Mobile USA, no update alert, nothing…

  33. April 12, — 1:27 pm (central time) and I still have not gotten the update, So I called VM this morning but I was unable to understand what the technician was saying because VM keeps hiring some Arabian people that can not speak English clearly.

  34. Virgin Mobile can push this out but Verizon can’t get it out on the Fascinate?

  35. Looks like they are rolling it out based on when you purchased tour phone. I know a few people who have the update and a few that don’t. Quit crying

    1. I’m not so sure about that, I’ve seen where people have posted that they’ve received their updates. Even though I’ve had my phone longer then some of them.

    2. “Looks like they are rolling it out based on when you purchased tour phone.”

      That’s an incorrect assessment. I’ve had my phone quite a well, but others who purchased theirs recently as well as some who bought theirs well before I did have the upgrade already while I sit and wonder where it is.

  36. where is my update?

  37. Bull snot. No update is gonna fix the problems with this epileptic phone.
    I have had FIVE of them in 3 months and they all BLOW CHUNKS.

  38. I got the update today! It is great. I have noticed faster surfung, E-mails and all out performace has improved. I ran the FCC bandwidth test and yes, I did get an increase in my download speed, upload speed as well. The desktop is cooler too for you can hide all your app icons to display your wallpaper better. I was also able to MMS text more successfully. Yes the 2.2 Froyo has been released today, 04/12/2011 but it is being released in patches to their subscribers not to everyone at the same time. When I looked at my phone tis morning I was auto-prompted that an upgrade was available to either select or cancel. I, of course choose ‘select’ and it took about 10 minutes to complete. Froyo 2.2 is officially now avaiable and you will be getting it very soon. Just watch your phone for the opportunity to select and install this 2.2 upgrade. I LOVE IT!

  39. i got completly impatient wating for this upgrade and ended up manually upgrading it myself, so far everything is working just fine including my internet and picture messaging.

  40. April 13th 12:15pm. I still haven’t received an update. Way to be almost 2 days late already VM.

  41. I received the update and now my contacts will not show up. I cannot add new contacts either. I’m extremely annoyed right now.

  42. finally I got it,Thanks you virgin mobile.


  44. Got the upgrade first thing, and while yes, it has made some things faster, it is also kind of ugly. The bar at the top of the screen is now white/silver, and “Virgin Mobile” is in big letters at the top of my notifications box, and the locked main screen. Also the new big phone button at the bottom is totally redundant; I have a physical button that does the same thing! Wish there was more ability to customize without having to tinker with rooting, etc
    Also my notification bar no longer has the shortcut-buttons for vibrate/WiFi, so I have to go into the setting menu to turn on WiFi. annoying.
    My current issue: when I connect to my pc with the data cord, my Windows XP pc won’t recognize it (Works fine on Win 7 netbook though). Annoying but tolerable. Probably a driver issue?

  45. Got my update about a week ago. Since then I have had problems. The screen will go black for no reason, and I’m unable to get the screen back on or shut it off. It erases your Google/gmail password and you are forced to enter it again (hence the exclamation point in the triangle someone mentioned) . Way more lag time trying to get from one application to the other. Don’t like the new contacts format – hard to get to for some reason. I feel the U.I. has changed significantly enough that it is like relearning how to use the phone. Don’t like how you end calls now – have to slide the end button instead of just holding it. Other new quirks like that are kind of annoying. But the worst part is how it seems to freeze or just black out with regularity. I’m in Arizona and have no trouble with the sprint network or verizon, especially for what i pay.

  46. I got the update last week, and I love the new look of it… but it erased all my contacts! It will tell me who texts or calls me, but my contact list is completely empty! Is anyone else having this problem? :(

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