BackStab Trailer Makes Me Want an Xperia Play


I must admit, I initially underestimated Sony Ericsson’s ability to deliver a legitimate gaming experience bundled with a phone after so many have tried and failed. (I’m looking at you, Nokia.) But I’m pleased to say that I have yet to be disappointed about any forthcoming Xperia Play-specific title and it only gets better from here.

GameLoft’s BackStab is set to hit the device exclusively on April 15th (us common folk will get it a month later) and they’ve released a new trailer that has me wanting to import an Xperia Play no matter what the cost.Alright maybe it’s not THAT compelling, but I wouldn’t mind having this one on any phone let alone an Xperia Play. Check the new trailer out above. [via Droid Gamers]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Looks kinda like a mobile pirate-themed assassin’s creed.

  2. When is this coming out for my N-Gage?

    1. :D :D :D That was so funny

  3. What’s the format of the games? Are they on microsd cards or some type of CD? How much are games going to cost?

    1. Direct-download, I believe.

  4. Crappy phonegame. I don’t like Gameloft titles – no story, poor graphics – still no need for an Xperia Play.

    1. Oh no! A game made for a phone is a game made for a phone, HOW DARE THEY??!

      1. It’s a phone made for gaming – sorry, that I need more than a polished Asassins Creed with a strange Pirate/Zombie-Setting.

      2. truth is the Xperia Play is not powerful enough to have “great” exclusives andreno 205 chip???? that makes this phone as powerful as a G2 maybe alil bit better, sony just didnt want to hurt the launch of the…… psp thingy…the NGP so they super underpowered this phone

        1. ngp will have great specs but no online games since it’s not a phone (or high scores, game chat and all that openfeint stuff). And it’s just another device that you have to carry since you’ll need a phone anyway.
          Seriously, Sony. The phone is the way to go for mobile gaming.

          1. actually all NGPs will have wifi and there will be a 3G nodel

          2. I didn’t know about the 3G version until today though I still don’t know if that means it will work on Verizon. We know Play will be for Verizon.

            The other points still stand, however. You’ll still need to carry a phone for all kinds of other things (including games) and who wants to carry 2 devices when you can just have one? The phone will win and if the best phone isn’t Sony, Sony will lose.

            Maybe Samsung will get the bright idea to have a SGS2 version with a game slider and that would be the best game phone.

          3. “no online games”

            Even current-gen handhelds (or last-gen, technically, since the 3DS is out now) have online games…maybe you should read up before you post comments.

          4. In order to be online on a MOBILE device you need to have 3G at a minimum. Otherwise you’re not going to be online if you’re playing it on the bus or on a park bench or anywhere else where there is no wi-fi.

    2. I guess it’s Angry Birds for you then!

      1. Yeah, because Angry Birds has this epic story and those insane graphics…the Xperia Play should have a game developed by Sony – a Crisis Core for example…is it clear now?
        Now stop annoying me and enjoy your Gameloft crap.

        1. come on…look at 1:20. Now that’s epic.

  5. DONT BUY GAMELOFT TITLES!!!! Complete ripoff, i downloaded (and paid) for a few games and they all stopped working within a few days. An error pops up and says i have a pirated copy of the game and the license could not be validated. And good luck on any type of support.

  6. looks pretty sweet to me.

  7. Free amazon premium app? :( not likely.

  8. Looks real nice, I hope it’s a hit. That way more games keep coming over to android.

  9. So you are going to buy a phone to get a one month advance on a game?


    1. Android Market also has a 50 mb limit

      1. Only for the initial file. They can make it so you download another 500 MB to your SD later if the game is big.

        1. they could but it’s more complicated.

  11. yes. AC with a Pirate twist.
    and also mashed up with a WWE fight–as most of the hits shown are all about 1 foot from making contact with the other character.
    still. i’ll be jealous when this is out.

  12. I would rather just dungeon defenders

  13. This looks amazing. Games on Android are getting really cool now, and with the right controls on my phone, I do not need to bring a console. If you want more, get a NGP!!

  14. Gameloft does get a few things right: graphics, presentation, sound. But I’m still waiting for a real game. The simple revenge plot really doesn’t appeal to me. I’ll take the game with a great story over the one with the pretty graphics nearly any day.

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