Sprint Launches New Ad Campaign to Celebrate How Unlimited Their Customers Are [Video]


A couple of months ago, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse assured everyone that the “Now Network” wouldn’t be following industry trends of capped and limited data usage. Today, they’ve launched an entire nation-wide ad campaign for state that message ever louder.

The campaign is using a new slogan – “All. Together. Now.” – and reiterates that ALL of your favorite forms of communication are unlimited on certain plans – including text, data, and voice – and with very competitive pricing.

A lengthy press released issued by those folks outlines the importance of their current strategy and does even more to ensure folks that they won’t change. Their first ad is embedded above.

In other Sprint-related news, they’ve updated their 4G website to help make your purchase decision easier if you’re looking to get a 4G phone. They can be had simply by visiting Sprint.com/4G. [Press Release 1|2]

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  1. Wish 4G was better… fine with the speeds, its just the pentitration sucks

    1. that’s what she said

      1. people still say that?

  2. I like how there is a nice big glowing yellow dot over San Diego in their new coverage map, a city that hasn’t been launched or rumored to launch. Based on Clear’s page we have 5 or 6 small pockets of coverage in the city. Most of it covering the bay…..great idea lets spread 4G coverage over the bay and not in downtown San Diego lol

    1. I was looking at that too. I live right in the Downtown/Little Italy area, and can’t connect to 4G. The only place I can get 4G is right around SDSU, and even then it’s only 1 or 2 bars.

      I was tempted to ask Sprint about it, but 90% of the time whoever I talk to has no idea what I’m talking about.

      1. Same here, I also get it around my office in the Mission Gorge area…..but it’s always 0 or 1 bar

        1. Was in SD last week, staying on the water near the convention center. Couldn’t find any 4G

          1. Guess it depends where on the waterfront you were. If you look at Clear’s map for downtown the water is the only thing covered. It appears to go right up to the shore line.

  3. Ill take my cap with T-mobile tried sprint and coverage sucked where I am at Chicagoland phone would switch from 4G-3G all the time youtube videos always freezing Pandora songs never play all the way without stopping etc,etc,etc, Guys I work with who have sprint always tell me to search for the videos to watch instead of using their sprint phones EVO4g the SHift and Epic…… Go figure unlimited dropping 4G I will pass.

  4. They need to actually deliver 4g in Miami. I don’t like this partial crap the reps are feeding me. Also. indoor signal is terrible.

  5. Their unlimited data is Faux Data!

    They need to stop advertising unlimited because it’s really limited by lack of coverage and speed. I tired of the slow connections and just losing coverage, Nextday text (Texts and VM don’t come through till the next day, at times), and dropped calls! How in the world can I go from 4 bars to nothing (dropped call), to when I get a signal again, I’m roaming on Verizon!

    Sprint, get your act together and increase your network size (Coverage) and capacity(back haul), instead of trying to gain more customers! I don’t know if it’s your engineers, management or what not, but your network SUX!

    Holy crap!! I just saw the 4G map on sprint/4G and it’s BOGUS!! I’m in MD and based on that map, it looks like they’ve got the whole state covered in 4G, but it’s a LIE!! You won’t know where the coverage is supposed to be until you go into their detailed map and just like I already knew, most of the state is NOT covered!

    1. seems to me that you just live in crappy coverage, now while that sucks for you, every network has areas that are poorly covered… next time when picking a carrier, try picking based on where you live and what your PERSONAL coverage is… i live in Norman Ok right now and in Dallas during the summer… i have never had a dropped call (unless connected to an ATT customer, snicker) i never have late texts. i always haver 4+ bars, 4g is blazing everywhere. so again, just because YOUR state is poorly covered doesn’t mean that they have a bad network… it means that their networks isn’t ideal for you and you should have picked someone else.


    2. You need to learn the difference between “unlimited data” and “low/bad network coverage”. Sure, if you can barely access 4G, you’re throwing your money away. But as Covert_Death said, that’s your fault for not choosing the carrier that has better coverage in your area. Data is unlimited on the Sprint network. I’ve seen a few guys over at SDX and other forums report 6+ GIGABYTES of data on their monthly bill (for their CELL PHONE) and not get charged a dime extra for it. If that’s not unlimited enough for you, I don’t know what is.
      And in case you didn’t know, Clearwire, the company behind Sprint’s 4G service, is pretty much in the dumps right now. Last I heard, Sprint was in talks with another company to roll out an LTE network like the one Verizon has. That’s part of the reason why 4G coverage *might* not be as great as it could be.

      1. I guess you and Covert_Death haven’t been over on XDA where there are others experiencing the same issue as I’m having, or even Sprint’s FB page.

        There’s something called truth in advertising and Sprint is down right lying about 4G coverage! And I fell for it, like many others! I had signed up with Sprint years ago based on voice coverage, but more and more, I’m now looking at data too. Look at their coverage page on the sprint.com/4G site. It looks like most of the east coast is covered in 4G!

        Their voice network wasn’t bad, when I originally signed up, since they allow us to roam on most Verizon sites. I said wasn’t because I don’t know what they’re doing, because some places that I use to roam in, are now gone even though Sprint doesn’t have enough of a signal to carry on a clear conversation. I also talked to a Sprint corporate rep, a few months ago over dinner, that admitted that their coverage was getting worse, but wasn’t sure why. She said she was having problems at times with delayed VM and texts too.

        If Sprint want to talk about other carriers throttling their 4G coverage, it’s not like they don’t do something similar. They throttle their upstream at 1mb. They also keep talking about how much 4G spectrum they have for 4G, as if they were using it, but I’ve since found out they only use 10mhz. Who cares if they have all this spectrum is they’re not actually using it, other then for advertising as if it was being used.

        Sprint/Clearwire hasn’t even been expanding WiMax, other then where they have to or loss spectrum, but they sure keep advertising like there’s something going on. Last year, I gave them the benefit of doubt that Sprint’s 4G would keep expanding and get better, but since this year, it’s all talk!

        Sprint needs to get their crap together!! If they’re going to advertise they offer this and that with maps, they need to make sure coverage is available where the map shows.

        There is no reason, that a consumer should have to try and figure out what’s a lie and what isn’t to see if what they’re selling is true.

        1. My problem with your original statement wasn’t even about the coverage if you actually read my comment. My problem is that you mixed up “unlimited data” with “data coverage”. I’m not disputing the fact that Sprint could possibly be lying or at least inflating their claims of coverage. I don’t have a 4G phone, but I’ve come across some instances where their coverage map says 3G, but I don’t get any. You stated “They need to stop advertising unlimited because…” Their data IS unlimited for the price you pay and therefore they can advertise that. The only caveat is that you have to be able to access it, which they may/may not be stretching the truth on/outright lying about.
          I’m pretty sure the reason behind Clearwire’s non-expansion of 4G service is because they’re almost bankrupt. Or at least, thats what I remember reading about a few months ago. If thats true, I’m pretty sure that would put a stop to further expansion. Hence Sprint’s “Plan B” which involves a possible switchover to LTE.

    3. Let me keep it real with.. ”You sound entirely STUPID”. I have been a current Htc Evo 4g owner since June 4th 2010 and have NEVER HAD A DROPPED CALL nor have a had any kind of texting issue on my device SO I’M LOST ON WHAT TALKING OF.. Location means everything when deciding on a carrier because based on that they are all not the same. I live in the city that never sleeps the money capital of the world and out here sprint rules along with verizon. As I stated where you live matters most simple as that. You need to stop making FALSE CLAIMS as if you hold no responsibility in your choices

      1. Yeah, because everyone who doesn’t have the same experience you do is making false claims. Moron.

      2. Yeah, because everyone who doesn’t have the same experience you do is making false claims. Moron.

      3. WOW… You talk about deciding which carrier is best for your area, then flat out tell him what HE experienced is WRONG??? WTF is wrong with you?!?! Just like I said when you claimed the 4G speed test between Verizon and Sprint were wrong, “were you there?, did you actually see the results yourself?” If not, don’t say another word. What he experienced and what you experience are COMPLETELY different given that you are in separate states. You need to stop telling other people that their opinions and experiences are “wrong” or “lies” or some other BS. It’s an OPINION. It’s an EXPERIENCE. Who are you to say that either are right or wrong?

      4. um ya I had the Evo4G and the Evo shift tried both and yes my text msgs lagged not gonna say by days but sometimes by 20 mins or more as far as calls their coverage was fine never had a problem with that but when it would switch to 4G and back to 3G was the problem

  6. Had Sprint with it’s tiny coverage pockets and opted for HSPA+ instead. Mbps are much more reliable than Sprint claiming 4G for over a year. TMO is all I need.

    1. Nice try with your FAKE 4g service. Keep fooling yourself with your 3g service on steroids.

      1. What’s so fake about their 4G service? Based on what I’ve seen online, TMO’s 4G speeds are generally faster then Sprint’s 4G service.

        Plus Sprint’s current version of WiMax doesn’t really meet the true definition of 4G either!

        Remember true 4G is supposed to work in a highly mobile situation at speeds of up to 100mb down. Sprint advertises they offer 3-6mb down, it it’s not highly mobile. Try driving around a town covered with Sprint’s 4G, while using to it. You’ll get disconnected so quick, it’ll make sure head spin! Try using Sprint’s 4G in different parts of an office building… Ain’t gonna happen, unless you’re sitting next to a window.

        1. I believe that you guys are all missing the main point here. The fact is that no matter how you slice it sprint is the most affordable of the big 4 american carriers with t-mobile a close second. I am currently an at&t customer I had both t mobile and sprint and I will tell you without a doubt you can not go wrong with either when it comes to customer service and pricing. The only problem was their coverage area. With sprint I was often roaming and with t-mobile I often had no signal at all but then again I live in Vermont. The way I see it those are the only 2 carriers not actively trying to fuck their customers over. Im with at&t now by default and I have a million and 1 horror stories. Im glad there is a sprint

      2. Ill take 3G on steroids over Sprints where ya at 4G even when its there T-mobiles is still faster.

  7. What song?

  8. I always wounder why people say Sprint Coverage sucks ?? I had sprint for over 10 years now and never had to much problems at all, I live in the MD, DC, and VA area and go up and down 95 to NYC and my Evo works very good in the subways, the D.C Metro etc etc, I really think some of these negative comments are just haters on AT&T or Verizon.

  9. 4g is also supposed to be a true seperate ip based network which its wimax is unlike hspa+ which is a 3g network add-on

  10. People really need to get a grip! EVERYONE when they sign up, or upgrade, or renew their contracts has 30 days to void the deal. Now… there is not a single network who is not experiencing issues with the recent rush and flood of the data intensive smartphones. Sure… Verizon offers better overall coverage on their network, but if you are ok with the 35% bump in your contract for the SAME services offered, well then, go right ahead and sign up with them. We’re not even entering the 3G/4G argument yet…

    Now, considering that the level of D/L speeds which the 4G networks are capable of (either one) was what was PIPED hardwired into your living room just a few short years ago, I would say that it utterly amazing! To expect it to be flawless, well, that’s just unrealistic. I agree too with the post’s here that well, I’ve been with Sprint a very, very long time and have absolutely NO signal issues recently with the exception of a few dark spots of coverage here and there (not in the city… NY) but in and around some hills and stuff where I live.

    As for penetration, well yeah, but it inherent to the nature of the signal frequency an power output allowance of the network by ruling powers that be, lol… I would say give it a few more months and see how much better it will be. If it’s not, well, call Sprint and TALK, not cry, about the issue and I guarantee you’ll get satisfaction! They’ve not disappointed me yet!

  11. good commercial/ad
    I like it…

  12. This is a great advertisement for a SPECTACULAR idea of giving us TRUE UNLIMITED DATA without data caps or throttling and is a superb message for other wireless companies to do the same to compete. This is good for all of us yet, there are so many asinine comments in here, it’s ridiculous. Is this how the phandroid community chats amongst eachother?…….(cue welcome to the internet )

  13. As far as I am concerned I am being throttled. Got the Evo, paying the 4G fee (okay now they changed the name), and almost a year later still no 4G in my area. This is not a reception problem, 3G works fine. I am paying for 4G but getting 3G. Virtual throttling.

  14. Believe me, Im a tech at sprint, and if you only knew what they do – they are truely evil…. most companies are, but sprint is excpetionally bad….

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