Need a Great RPG to Keep You Busy? Download Zenonia 2 Free Today in the Amazon Appstore


Another day, another app. This time, popular RPG game Zenonia sees its sequel sitting on the Amazon Appstore for free – that’s $5 less than what you’d normally be paying for it. And even at $5, it’s a hell of an RPG. I hear that playing Zenonia 2 doesn’t require you to know the first one’s story and – well – it’s free, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t already be downloading this to your phone. Go and grab it from Amazon now.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. An error occurred while purchasing Zenonia 2 – please try again. What a tease!

  2. I love the free app-a-day system they have going over there at Amazon…but sometimes is VERY frustrating to see apps that I paid for coming up free :P If I only had waited, I could have saved like $30.

    1. Its been like that on the iOS app store forever. FAAD would work with devs to give their games away and people would be livid. Even change their review of the app just because it became free the next day.

      This site has the new free app up the minute its added. Check it out.

  3. just the kind of game I was looking for for my android……yay amazon free-app-a-day!!

  4. Seems impossible to get the amazon app store on AT&T.

    1. My friend at AT&T said they are considering changing their third-party app policy to allow the Amazon App Store. I don’t quite understand it all.

      1. Easy. Customer wanting change to policy? Not gonna happen. Big company with lots of cash and influence want change to policy? Sure, why not?

  5. I haven’t been able to purchase it all day. I hope this is fixed while it’s free

  6. unless your phones graphics is made of fail haha my little Eris is wonderful on gingerbread but just doesn’t have the hardware to handle games… too bad.

  7. I tried right after I said I couldn’t get it and it went through. Downloading now

  8. I couldn’t uninstall that fast enough.

  9. Anyone else having the game crash when leveling up from lvl 4- lvl5

  10. I had the same issue other are having downloading and purchasing. Purchase it on your computer through the amazon, the restart your phone, go to my apps then it’ll download. Using a rooted galaxy s running bionix 1.3.1

    1. Also, oops. sorry for all of the typos. Running on zero sleep. But to clarify, make sure to buy it through Amazon’s website.

  11. Weird to see all these problems, mine installed just fine.

  12. Amazon, Get free paid games without the guilt of pirating.

  13. They could have mentioned at the beginning that I couldn’t ‘buy’ from my part of the world before they took my credit card info..

  14. I like how Amazon came in promising to build the Android market ecosystem, but instead now seem to be making it even worse. Why buy anything if you can just wait to get it for free? I know I’ve already gotten several apps for free I might have considered buying. At least does Amazon pay the developers anything when their app goes free?

    1. How is it any different than if the developer made it free for a day or put it on sale? I swear people complain about anything.

      1. The Amazon free apps certainly benefit me, but I also want the android market to thrive. My guess is that developers mostly put their apps on sale / or make it free temporarily when they want to drive up its downloads and popularity and increase their exposure, thus allowing them to sell more regularily pried apps later. And if it works, thats great, either individual developer decision or on the grander Amazon scale. I just truly wonder if it will work. If it gets people trying paid apps, great, but if it just leads more people to expect everything free then it’ll hurt a system where people are already hesitant to buy apps. I guess the only ones who’ll really know if it works is Amazon / the developers.

        1. Amazon is thinking long term. They know what they are doing :)

    2. If Amazon puts the app free for a day, the developer gets 20% of the list price from Amazon.

  15. Im on the amazon appstore for a “purchase” every morning around 4… I have only installed a couple of the apps, but have the benefit of a freeby waiting incase I decide to use it.

  16. Go Amazon and kill the ecosystem. Great.

    1. what ecosystem?

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