FCC Posts Photos of HTC Thunderbolt Teardown


Though it doesn’t come with all the flash of some of the other teardowns you might find around the web, the FCC has made public the images of their once over of the HTC Thunderbolt’s internals. Not much is revealed that we didn’t already know from the spec sheet, but it is worth taking a look at the various connectors HTC uses to bridge radio components on the circuit board to antennae in the case of the Thunderbolt. It is a technique HTC has been using to bypass reception problems and still allow access to the phone’s battery. Head over to the FCC link below to peruse the silicone and solder of Verizon’s solo 4G LTE handset.

[FCC via WirelessGoodness]

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  1. Not authorized to access the page, perhaps htc didn’t want their chips online

  2. who cares, where’s my flyer

  3. The WirelessGoodness link has pictures. Its pretty cool. Its nice to know where all the antennas are.

  4. I can see it now.. “it doesn’t come with all the flash” becomes “Thunderbolt doesn’t come with Flash”..

  5. I think nobody cares about this news!!..

  6. BYPASS RECEPTION PROBLEMS???? That’s a laughable statement. I had to return 3 TB’s due to bypassed reception problems. They bypassed reception completely.

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