Yet Another Leak of the Sprint Motorola Xoom 4G


Looks like BGR received a tip from a Sprint employee of a case for the Motorla Xoom arriving at their store. They were gracious enough to supply some pictures along with a shipment screen shot showing pricing of said case as well as a pic of the case itself.

We’ve already heard that Sprint will be offering both the Motorola Xoom and Atrix 4G with WiMax support (where available) and it seems that reality will come very soon.

The feedback I’ve been getting from my Twitter suggests those who planned on getting the Xoom have already opted for the WiFi only version. What I would like to know is if there are any Phandroids on Sprint who are itching to get a taste of some 4G powered Honeycomb when available?

[Via BGR]

Chris Chavez
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  1. I do.

  2. I would, but i don’t get wiMax where I live, which is sad caue I have an epic 4g. I might get a wifi only one, unless we magically get 4g here

  3. Looks like sprint is about to have a lot of great choices this summer. The Htc Evo 3d, Nexus S4g, Motorola Atrix 4g to go along with the Htc Evo View tablet, Blackberry Playbook, and the Motorola Xoom 4g to go along with all the other 4g devices the current Evo 4g, Epic 4g, Evo Shift 4g, and the Galaxy Tab 4g all I can say is not many carriers have a 4g line up like this. Wonder how the sprint haters feel now… I Proud to be on sprint

    1. I would just like to point out that I have a personal business rep and he said that the Evo 3D would probably be launched late, more like Q4. He would be surprised (and even betted me a discount) that it was not coming out in the Summer.

  4. now come on atrix pictures

  5. C’mon 4G in Detroit! Oh…that’s right, someone may try to steal more parts from the towers to scrap.

    1. The city of Detroit has 4g already. And I can assure you that’s not the only city the scrappers are stealing stuff in.

  6. My question is, who will be the first to have the Motorola XOOM with 4G? Can Sprint beat Verizon to market with a 4G version, or is the very reason Sprint is still waiting is because Verizon has already claimed the right to launch the first 4G powered XOOM?

  7. Sprint 4G is a bad joke. Borrowed wimax from clear is not 4G. Notice how Clear doesn’t even call it 4G anymore. You want real 4G get you some LTE.

    1. You can’t call it borrowed when they own majority stake in the company. It’s called smart business in that they don’t have to manage, sell, or support their own 4G network. They have trained experts doing it. I have a feeling that once the Cleaer bsuiness becomes profitable through wholesaling and after it’s been built out, Sprint will copmlete the buyout at a great deal.

  8. I actually just want to know what case that is…because it is different than the one sold at Verizon! Can anyone get more pics of the case?

  9. Of course sprint will beat verizon to the XOOM 4G TABLET they have pimp slapped verizon to everything from actual 4g service to dualcore devices to better unlimited deals and pricing on devices and plans. Sprint just slaps verizon SILLY in the real world

    1. WTF are you talking about?! If memory serves, Verizon has had the Xoom out for several months and has sold at least 100,000 units. Sprint doesn’t have it YET. How can Sprint beat Verizon if comparable devices aren’t even out yet? Get a life you stupid Richard impostor.

      1. He is comparing 4G tablet devices. Which Verizon nor Sprint have, yet. He even used bold text to highlight the 4G TABLET part. Please do not insult people on false pretenses.

        1. I thought the LTE upgrade for Verizon’s Zoom owners were already rolling out?

        2. I thought the LTE upgrade for Verizon’s Zoom owners were already rolling out?

    2. Sprint actual 4g service … LOL you mean the 4g Wimax that they’re borrowing from clear ? The same 4g clear has decided not to call 4g anymore? The 4g that Sprint is tossing out he window in favor of LTE?

      You are the most stupid fool ever. With your profile picture .. you look like the bald headed verson of kat William with the accompanying voice with no shred of comexy.

      1. I agree I wish we get LTE that is the wave of 4g,I have seen it work and it is bad ass stuff , I have the epic I have an app on my phone and it tells me clear is here in Panama City but guess what yea you guessed it not here lol

      2. I hope we don’t get LTE, I hope we get WiMax 2. WiMax already has a higher capability than LTE, and the systems used to build it are bundles more easier to upgrade. Thus LTE is an option, but WiMax is overall a better product… doesn’t man the cmpany managing it is putting out the product WiMax should and is meant to be.

  10. Why would I buy the 4G version when I already have an Evo with free wireless tether enabled?

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