Adobe Introduces Flash Builder 4.5 and Flex 4.5 for Mobile App Development


Along with the introduction of Photoshop Touch, Adobe’s Creative Suite 5.5 is complimented with several new tools for those developing applications for mobile platforms. Flash Builder 4.5, Flex 4.5, and Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP all include enhancements and tooling to support mobile frameworks including Android, BlackBerry, and iOS. Using Flash Builder 4.5 and Flex 4.5, developers have access to a common codebase to cut back on development time for Flash and Air applications for mobile and include options to directly deploy finalized APKs to the Android Market and Amazon Appstore.

The idea is developers can code an app once and, with minimal changes, get it out on as many platforms as possible thanks to Adobe’s development tools. Can’t see how any party loses on that one. Of course, how useful this really is might be a question better answered by those actually developing the apps.

[via Adobe 1, 2]

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  1. I’ve been using the Flex 4.5 beta from Adobe MAX and it’s quite good. Apps made for Android and the Playbook have been working quite well. iOS had been running quite slow in the early beta, but demos I’ve seen Adobe show of the latest version of Flex on iOS looks like they have managed to really optimized it for iOS to get it running quite snappy.

  2. Flash still sucks to much power!

    1. Polly want a cracker? Your comment has me thinking you’re just another naive browser parrot that poops FUD.

  3. This is great stuff indeed. Always good to have multiple development choices for differing types of projects.

    I think Apples objection to Adobe mostly revolves around the fact that their newest technologies (ex. flash builder ‘burrito’) just work as good or better than their wacky (smalltalk-ish) Obj-C toolsets.

    I am buying this as soon as possible (looks like hard launch in May)…

    Just my 2cents. //GH

  4. Been using CS5 to publish AIR apps and it really speeds up development across Android and iPhone apps. Plus I can build better apps with AIR than most can with Android’s UI components(they all look the same).

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