Samsung Nexus S 4G Passes the FCC


Although Best Buy got everyone’s hopes up for a Nexus S 4G launch last week, it appears we’re as close to its launch as we’re going to be. The device has just hit the FCC which gives Samsung, Google, Best Buy, and whoever else is involved the go-ahead to sell this thing to consumers. As for the phone itself, you already know its deal – it’s landing on Sprint and will be compatible with their 4G network. Is that worth the price of admission for some of you? [via Wireless Goodness]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. So based on Sprints site showing $199 after a $200 instant rebate, does this mean it will be $399 retail?

    1. Yeah that’s what I’m assuming. They didn’t change the price when they announced the Evo for $450 so I imagine they won’t change the price on the S. Best Buy, however, has it listed for like 699 so I wouldn’t expect to see it for $400 from anyone other than Sprint

      1. I’m sure Best Buy will price match the local Sprint store at the retail price. That way I can get the rewards zone points :)

        I’m just surprised that it could be $399 when the T-mobile version is $529.

        1. It’s likely to be $549 through Sprint since it states at the bottom it’s $399 w/ a 2 year contract. So the $150 2 year contract discount is already taken into consideration, dropping the price to $399. I would hope the $200 instant savings isn’t something that goes away on 6/4/11, that would be pretty stupid of Sprint to try to get $399 w/ contract after that date for the Nexus S, when the Evo 3D would be right around the corner.

          1. Do you know what the retail price of the EVO or EPIC is? I’m just making an educated guess based on how Sprint lists other models. Based on your response the EVO would be $599 retail and the EPIC would be $649. I was given the price listed on their site of $449 and $499 respectively when I asked Sprint.

  2. $399 no contract pricing? Yes please

    $399 – $300 for my Epic = less than new contract pricing ftw

    Heck, even if I get $250 I’ll be happy

    1. I hope it is. When you look at the pricing of all the current phones on the site they are always the retail minus the instant for the 2 year pricing. Sprint is really fair on the retail pricing of phones its seems compared to Verizon.

      1. …because Verizon likes to make money more than the other companies. Love hate relationship for me, they charge too much, but I’m really digging their highly stable fast large network.

  3. my only question is… WHEN CAN I HAVE ONE IN MY HAND! GRAH!

  4. just got this new phone in my hand yesterday and I love it! my kids will not give it back as its packed with cool things like graphs that are so clear and fun games. My 21 yr old daughter says she likes it as much as her iphone, but my wife was the hard sell, a real iphone fan, says the screen is fun to use with the pull downs, pictures have pinch-pull ability on them and she likes the look of the phone the best, again a bit like an iphone. Im happy with it for the smart link up ability with all my contacts, email, and pictures from my pc, and how fast it is. A true piece of brand new technology…:) happy so far.

    1. But it’s only 16GB…

    2. You got the Nexus S 4G? (Sprint) How?

  5. google chat is also great on this phone, the big memory held all my music and a few ebooks I like. :) however its so new I cant find a case for it…:(

    1. Google the Seidio Active X, it’s a great case, that’s what I’m using.

    2. The case for tmobile nexus will fit.. go to Sedio.com

  6. If you read the fine print it says $399 (two year price) – $200 instant savings=$199. So based on that info the retail will be $549 ($399 w/2 year contract + $150 upgrade allowance).

    1. Yeah I see that, I just called into the Sprint Store and the the 800 number to check on the full retail of the EVO and the EPIC. Both the store and the 800 told me the retail price on the EVO was $449 and the EPIC is $499. How they are priced online is that price minus the instant savings gives you the 2 year price with contract.

      Not saying you are wrong, maybe Sprint doesn’t know how to answer questions.

  7. When will Verizon get a Nexus device?

    1. I am assuming at least not for three more years. Even though their contact with Microsoft doesn’t require them to put Bing on every phone I think Google was pretty irritated by the move. The V-Cast app store doesn’t help either. Both of these things take money out of Google’s pockets.

  8. Bring it on already. Shouldn’t take this long to bring out a phone that is 5 months old and where the only difference is CDMA and 4G

  9. Any possibility of activating on Verizon without the 4G as a 3G only phone?

    It is CDMA after all.. although I assume the MEID probably isn’t in Verizon’s system so it would be a no-go. It’s a shame.

  10. It will be a very long time before verizon gets any kind of a device from google. Verizon has already signed away there soul to the devil. Google realized that already

    1. But Google is the devil. Why do you think we get so many free services? Because they aren’t free, we get a bunch of nifty free google systems in exchange for our souls. :P

  11. …guess I’m not the only one wishing we had a device like thisn’ on Vzn. Though, as others have said, Red’s made too many bad moves recently to be able to carry a “google experience” phone. Oh well…maybe sometime in the future.

  12. April 18th

  13. Does this differ from the Nexus S just released in Canada?

  14. Theres no sd card I wish google had included it 16g is good but I almost used up 8gbs already on my sd I could use 16 gs up quickly im not sure if I want this or an evo 3d

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