Fear Not, T-Mobile G2 Users: Gingerbread’s A-Comin’ This Quarter


The T-Mobile G2 has been out for quite some time. Given the nature of the software T-Mobile decided to put on it – stock Android 2.2 – we figured it’d be one of the first devices after the Nexus line to get Android 2.3. Time came and went without an update nor a peep about its status, unfortunately, but it seems G2 owners will be experiencing a case of “good things come to those who wait”.

ComputerWorld has confirmed via an HTC rep that the phone will indeed be getting Android 2.3. It’s said that it’ll be out by the beginning of summer, so you can expect it to land this quarter. (Pending any unfortunate delays, of course.) Let’s hope it gets here sooner rather than later.

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  1. woo hoo! first!! ……. I guess thats what i get for being up at 3 in the morning,
    but seriously good for htc its about time for the stock phone to get updated… HTC FTW!!!

  2. After Htc’s flagship Gingerbread device The new Htc Evo 3d on Sprint is launched then and only then will most of Htc’s current devices on all carriers receive gingerbread. It could be Ice cream 2.4 that most won’t receive I’m pretty sure mostly all devices released in 2011 will get ice cream. What about all the devices released in 2010???

    1. wheres your did you get this from about the gingerbread process from htc ?

    2. 2.4 is slated to still be Gingerbread (see 2.0/2.1 Eclair for precedent). Ice Cream was last said to be coming later this year, and reconciling Honeycomb.

      That last part could be false (overcome by events), given Andy Rubin’s Honeycomb-for-phones statement the other day. btw, that wasn’t the first time he’d said that by a long shot. It was in his AllThingsD interview months ago that Honeycomb would run on phones.

      In any case – at some point, it’s going to be about capability and not date of manufacture. We don’t know if the stock Android of the future will be able to run on existing single-core SoCs like the 8×50, much less things like Sense 3.0.

      And fwiw, I believe HTC is likely to have Gingerbread out in Europe this month. Like you, I saw the report stating some HTC rep claimed the Evo 3D had to come first, but I’m not sure that was true or not true – could be, where the US is concerned.

  3. this misconception that the G2 is “stock android” should stop. looking at the files, it’s fairly clear the G2 is a “Sense” phone with an AOSP theme.

    1. Sounds substantiated Mr. Anon. I wouldn’t know by using the phone either it seems. They did well to hide that is is clearly Sense.

      1. Lol, wrong. No Sense. The G2 is stock with bloatware. And I have an Evo and a G2. Both rooted. The G2 is a lot faster. Even after putting CM7 on both and overclocking both.

        1. Hahaha, please imform yourself before making uneducated posts. The G2 only appears to be stock. It has launcher2 and a lot of the AOSP apps and tons of extra google bloatware. HTC certainly did a good job of hiding it.

          I’m guessing you haven’t had your G2 since day one, To get CM to work, cyanogen ended up having to reverse engineer the sound, bluetooth, gps, and camera drivers to make it compatible with AOSP.A lot of the framework was based off of sense. Basically, there wasn’t enough of sense to just install the rosie.apk and run it, but there were tons of places where the underlying sense poked through.

          And the G2 will definately be faster than the evo. The processor in the G2 has a GPU 4X faster then the evo. Gingerbread relies on the GPU a lot more then previos versions (app drawer, gallery, camara, flash playback, etc).

    2. Sense, no. It does have bloatware though.

      Should say “As close to stock you can get without being stock.”

  4. And since its a bad phone nobody cares :P

    1. This phone will shit all over yours. Mine is overclocked to 1.6 gets a quadrant rate of about 2500.

    2. Dario, you’re are an idiot. Why do we have to keep pointing this out to you? You think you can make a totally false and moronic/asshole comment and put a “:P” at the end and it’s okay? Dumb ass!

    3. It’s a pretty good phone Dario. U should let go of that startac and find out.

  5. Its not a bad phone Dario, I sense hate…

    1. Adreno 105 and Qualcomm Scorpion aren’t bad?
      Excuse me then

      1. Its 205 and you are excused.

        1. i accidentally pressed 1, i thought i double checked :P

        2. Adreno 205 in G2 is 2x faster than Andreno 200 in EVO. EVO can’t even play Dungeon Defenders. Put on lowest settings and still lags. G2 processor can easily overclock to 1GHz. It’s the same cpu in mytouch 4G, but at slower clock.

      2. The Qualcomm MSM 7230 processor at 800MHz is quite good. No one claims top-of-the-line, but if you live with one, you won’t feel ripped off by any stretch. Fans are overclocking the thing to nearly double its speed in many cases.

        At 800 MHz stock, this beastie is a little lower on the cpu side than the Evo, a little better on the gpu side, with the Evo’s 8650 running at 1 GHz ~ so stock, it’s kinda equivalent overall.

        If the Nexus One, Evo, Desire, et al weren’t bad phones, then the G2 certainly isn’t. I’m sure with Gingerbread, it’ll only get better, and its users will attest to that when the time comes.

        1. Not to mention the savings in battery life that the lower clock speed provides at no loss in performance. Dario is a moron.

        2. The CPU in the G2 isn’t the fastest but it’s meant to be more graphics friendly that just fast.

  6. I had a G2 for a couple weeks. It was ok, as in not bad.
    I found I used Swype and not the hard keyboard so it just seemed too big and clunky. Even though it wont be released with 2.3 I’d still rather have a G2X.


    1. Yeah. The hard keyboard is the only thing I don’t like about my G2. I never use it either. Swype’s so easy.

  7. Yes finally but still a lil bit long to wait for me

    1. Ya like your phone won’t work without it

  8. What’s the difference between froyo and gingerbread? Any new features?

    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jx3pdWBlZ34 – Official vid, should help.

    2. Based on my experience. New theme (slight changes to UI), improved copy and paste, faster/smoother.

    3. Much better keyboard
      More uniform copy and paste
      30% better battery life
      Much more stable
      Smoother animation
      Black notification bar and other polish
      Support for NFC enabled phones

  9. I am hoping we hear some news soon about the mytouch 4g although congrats to g2 users.
    My wife has had GB on her Nexus and quite frankly alot of hype over this and it’s really nothing mind blowing. M

  10. newfags can’t triforce..
    ▲ ▲

    1. Go away Troll…

  11. My G2 is rooted, but still running the factory stock ROM. Anyone know if the Gingerbread update will still get pushed to my phone, and if it’s safe for me to update it? If so, will I lose root after I update it?

    1. I don’t think it would be a problem. But you might not be able to get the OTA. You’ll just have to get the online version. The day the OTA version gets ready to come out, the source code for it will become available online. So you’d just need to install it manually. Thats what I did when I had the Nexus 1, and FroYo was coming out. I had a rooted, stock, but I just updated it manually. I think it’s a problem if you have a custom ROM since the ROM might not be compatible with Gingerbread since it wasn’t out yet to be configured compatible.

  12. I don’t know any G2 owners not rooted and running a gingerbread rom, already. Though it’s good news for developers, I dont think anyone cares too much.

    1. Certainly the number of G2 owners running stock unrooted phones far far outweighs those who are rooted and running custom ROMs. Come on now, be reasonable. The custom ROM community is quite small compared to overall Android users.

      1. You know, people always say this but I think there are more rooters than you would think there are. I know a lot of people who aren’t that tech savvy who do it. This type of thing is especially evident with HD2 users. One of the other players on my foot ball team heard he could put android on his HD2 so he looked up how to do it and did it. Many people do it just to get more out of something they already have without paying more.

        1. It’s certainly more popular than ever before, but I still think it’s a minority of users. Think of all the soccer moms alone with smart phones and completely oblivious to hacking. As readers of websites like phandroid, we are a minority of android users with a very biased view of what the typical android users is like.

  13. good news for stock users, otherwise rooted users have already been on 2.3 for awhile

  14. At last!

  15. I blow hesse I blow Hesse I blow Hesse, this was approved by dick yarnell

  16. nicee now mt4g?????????????

  17. gr8ly appreciated evrything on my g2 runs smooth.will b more interested in the black notification bar lol

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