Who to be First on the Block to Own a G Slate?


Hot on the heals of the Gold Oscar XOOM on eBay, comes an auction of the upcoming LG G Slate that will be hosted by T-Mobile. To get in on the action you’ll need, as of this post, an $810 bid. You’ll want to hurry as this auction will be ending Monday around 8AM PDT.

[via eBay]

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  1. Do people really pay that much for these tabs!

    1. Lol yeah, I paid $800 for my xoom, and don’t regret it at all. Vanilla android

      1. I really dig honeycomb, but I’m not willing to pay 80 bucks a month for a data connection. And I’m also not willing to pay the price they’re asking for the Wifi version…which wouldn’t work for me, because I’d be buying a tablet for the ability to log onto the net or use GMaps Nav in places wifi can or hasn’t gone yet.

        1. wifi teather to your phone ?

          1. I don’t really want to root, and the Droid doesn’t have tethering capabilities. Though, I may root whatever device I upgrade to here in a few months…and then if a cheap honeycomb solution came out I’d probably tether that.

  2. That’s just it mr. Not only did you miss the fact that this is first available and at auction. But this is not a pad. Its a tablet. iPad = giant crappy phone, reverse engineered from the jitterbug.

  3. @ SjobsBallsack I love your comment…
    Its all about the green Android baby…!!!!

  4. Who to be grammatically dysfunctional.

  5. @jredeye. Thanks. Christ, I mean there’s a reason why they sell that THING at toysRus. Even Jobs knew he couldn’t call it a tablet. It was ” designed” for toddlers, stroke victims and sheeple. Oh but its so thin and SMOOTH. Sheesh, my 7 year old Fujitsu Stylistic —>TABLET<— has more functionality, wacom pen, host husband and Gasp!! Memory card slot. :D

  6. I suppose there’s a bit of nostalgia about being the first person to own a “Ford Edsel” or a Segway.

  7. Sheesh, stupid spell check. Replace husband with USB lol. Less angry today. :D. <3

  8. $529 for a tablet that STILL requires a 2 Yr contract, when you don’t even know if the HSPA bands it uses for data are going to be around in 2 years ??? I don’t think so. If all you’ll be left with is a tablet that can do EDGE in 2 years….TMobile should be practically giving these things away at like $299 or something. They’re going to be making their money back within the 1st years, for CERTAIN.

    The carriers are still thinking with old mentality that they can(have) to grab you by the short hairs ( and I don’t mean mustache, either ), and that’s simply short-sighted thinking.

    I predict they’ll sell MAYBE 10 to 20 thousand of these TOPS, at that price anyway.
    If they came out with them at $299 on contract….THEN, we’re talking.

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