Verizon to Release a 16GB Model of the Motorola XOOM?


Motorola and Verizon could be introducing new storage options to the Motorola XOOM line with today’s leak suggesting that a 16GB model is in the works. It’ll be completely identical to the 32GB model – lack of 4G and everything. (Though it’s said it’ll be subject to the same upgrade process that 32GB model owners will need to go through.) No pricing, but we expect it to be a tad bit cheaper when it does come out. (Nothing too extreme like more than $100 less, though.) [via Droid-Life]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

AT&T/T-Mobile Merger Proposal to Undergo Competition Hearing, Nothing to See Here [The Legal Process]

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  1. The Xoom is still to heavy. Even if they came out with a $400 16gig wifi only I’d take the Asus transformer. Sorry Motorola your to late. You should have listened to everyone months ago and done this from the get go.

    1. Too heavy? The damn thing is less than an ounce heavier than the ipad. Get real.

      1. he needs to do some bench presses with the xoom if he thinks it’s heavy

        1. seriously, why are people such pussies when it comes to tablets? who cares if it is slightly fatter and heavier… if it’s really that noticeable to you, you need to quit bitching and find some muscles.

          1. the xoom isnt really heavy but it is a bit akward to hold in one hand because of how strange the back shape is

          2. The way it feels in your hand, long term use those muscle men above are going to be complaining about Carpal tunnel syndrome

  2. Bravo Motorola. Well played.

    This is going to sell like gangbusters at $350. (Ebay standby for the flood)

  3. I KNEW this would happen. I buy an iPad 2 (couldn’t justify the extra $100 when I only needed a 16 gig device) and Moto comes out with a 16 gig version. Comedic irony at its best in my case!

  4. Verizon is going to release it? Lol So it’ll be 3G. Thus, it’ll cost 700. Which is fail.

    Android REALLY needs a strong midrange device. Something 10″, 400-500, and backed by a big company’s marketing and distribution.

    1. Sony!

  5. Maybe I was deceived by its weight because it was tethered to the table when using it.

  6. I use it everyday….i really do not notice the weight at all. Being an early adopter…..I do wish there were more tablet specific apps in place, but that will come!

  7. How about a wifi only 16gb model?

  8. Less storage would be fine, as long as the SD card slot actually does something in this version.

  9. it will be too late the excitement has passed…by the time they come out with it, there will be other devices grabbing the spot light

  10. Get real people Moto technology is always 2 steps behind of the competition. The GUI stinks and there product QC is poor. Stick with an Apple IPAD or Samsung Galaxy depending on the OS you like. Weight is a very important factor for tablets so is size. I own both an Ipad 2 and a Galaxy Tab 7 inch. The magic number for tablets is 7 inches anything larger than that is too big. Ever see that guy in the mall walking around with an ipad2? Not me thats cause its not portable and is horrible for typing. 10 inches is too big! On the other hand I can take the Galaxy tab everywhere. Also stay away from Nvidia chipsets there products are historical for failing after a few years. Go on the web and do a search for Nvidia chipsets that have failed. Too many complaints to list. Very unhappy customers.

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