AT&T/T-Mobile Merger Proposal to Undergo Competition Hearing, Nothing to See Here [The Legal Process]


Things are just about set to get underway with this T-Mobile and AT&T merger. The United States Senate has informed everyone that the Senate Judiciary antitrust  subcommittee will be holding hearings about the proposed acquisition starting May 11 to determine whether or not consumer competition will be heavily impacted by the move. I say nothing to see here because this is normal with any high-profile acquisition. Many more hearings and trials and those such things are to come so sit back and enjoy the ride because it’s going to be a long one. [TmoNews via Bloomberg]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. FUCK AT&T

  2. i love that i’ll be able to understand this more easily thanks to my microeconomics class ^^

    1. by all means please explain to the layman

  3. “to determine whether or not consumer competition will be heavily impacted by the move”

    Wow. I guess they’ll need to do heavy research to figure that one out. If only my “Captain Obvious for US Senate” campaign had been successful, we wouldn’t need a bunch of out-of-touch old men to pretend to be concerned and then let the deal go through anyway.

  4. I wish the customers of tmobile nothing but the best. They don’t deserve At&t at all they could care less about android or affordable rates. This merger will be denied

  5. maybe because they buy out companies to grow in size and pass the cost to consumers instead of investing on infrastructure to ATTRACT new subscribers….

    1. Well.. I see what your saying, and I really don’t want them to buy T-Mobile either.. but the part about them not spending money on their infrastructure is not correct.. You can use the Google to find out how much they have spent.

    2. Well, Verizon grew to where it was buy taking Airtouch Cellular, Dobson, Primeco, Bell Atlantic Mobile, GTE Mobilenet, then Alltel. And AT&T did not buy Cingular, Cingular’s parent company SBC essentially bought AT&T, but, they took the name of AT&T due to worldwide brand recognition.

  6. If it wasn’t for the iPhone & their takeover of Cingular they wouldn’t be 2nd . They would just be a lousy landline company . Funny how once Verizon got the iPhone AT&T started losing customers . Even funnier how AT&T not Apple was blamed for the dropped calls . I’m with TMO . I did so to get away from AT&T and the thought of them taking over my business makes me sick. The increased rates & their total dishonesty . The thought of having to write them another check makes me want to vomit .

    Funny how this Randall Stephenson cat kept saying rates would drop due to this merger while raising his own customers one year contract & no contract rates . Oh that ” fierce competition ” term he likes to throw around . How does that make you feel AT&T lover ? Some of that 39 billion will come out of your pocket . Well over twenty billion of that will interest . Both of our rates will go up because of this merger . The only people who will benefit will be the AT&T suits & the paid off politicians . Oh and Verizon once my contract is up .

    1. Verizons history is similar to AT&T’s as far as getting where they are through mergers and aquisitions.. AT&T is really SBC Global with the AT&T name, and Verizon has as much of the original AT&T as the current AT&T does..

  7. Fuck at&t and random has a point though if at&t was worded than sprint or tmobile it woulda been at the bottom

  8. Pretty much t mobile customers are bein forced to join at$t.

  9. do not underestimate the power of brainless people.

  10. As someone who has been burned by AT&T repeatedly please enlighten me?

  11. Att is only number 2 because of the iphone and people like to bundle their services. They are too stupid to realize they are getting rapped by the high prices and the poor service an customer service, i liked att before cingular bought them out, but after that happened went to sprint and have never looked back.

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