KT to Get Samsung Galaxy S II April 25th


Just the other day, Samsung dispelled rumors of a Samsung Galaxy S2 delay by saying that the phone would still meet its April launch date with the first region to get the device being their home country South Korea. It’s no surprise to us, then, that major carrier KT today announced that they’d be carrying it.

It’s said to be launched April 25th but no pricing was given. SK Telecom should be next in line for an announcement. The Samsung Galaxy S II was revealed at Mobile World Congress and blew everyone away. Samsung put inside their new dual-core 1.2GHz Exynos processor, 1GB of RAM, A WVGA Super AMOLED Plus display, Android 2.3 and a lot more.

Other regions – such as Europe and the rest of Asia – are expected to get it in May. North American carriers have not yet publicly expressed interest in the Samsung Galaxy S2. (Though we expect we’ll be hearing something from at least a couple of the US’s major carriers.) [via Reuters]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. This phone looks awesome. It’ll be the thinnest, fastest, massive memory, sharp screen etc. etc. My only concern is TouchWiz 4.0, it’s too much of a dream to ask for this phone with vanilla Android. I hope the skin OS is good and Samsung will indulge us with timely updates.

    1. Yes, it would be to much of a dream to be stock on such a phone. Still I think it will be awesome. Adding this along side the NS4G.

    2. I think if this comes to the states in the summer then we should hopefully expect Ice Cream by fall. I could live with that considering how awesome this phone is.

    3. Its not the thinnest, 1GB is not massive, and the screen isn’t much sharper than regular super amoled screens.
      It certainly won’t be the fastest anyway.

      1. What is thinner than the S2? The iPhone 5 probably. :)

      2. It is the thinnest, 1GB of RAM is MASSIVE for a phone, the storage on this phone is 16GB or 32GB PLUS a SDcard slot, the screen has 300ppi, iPhones retina has 326ppi, colors on SAMOLED+ display are MUCH MUCH better than on LCDs of any kind. Problems?? What problems? I will most certainly be the fastest. Please don’t cry over Quadrant crap scores that aren’t real anyway.

        You dude have many problems with reading and comprehending. Please get lost.

      3. Citation Required!

  2. I have a buddy in SK…might try to get him to send me one. Would be great to auction off to devs!

  3. iPhone 5’s for loooooosers. apple fanboy 4 nevar!

    1. your lack of intelligence just shows how smart all fanboys are. damn steve bought you all and he’s reselling you every year with the same crap. that marketing it’s eating your brains.

      but, there is a solution for you: grow up(+18), open your eyes and do an IQ test. if u do less than 100, go suck steve’s d*** else buy an android phone. and then you will be FREE!

  4. I guess I never looked closely before, but I only see a “Menu” and “Back” button, what happened to the home and search? Unless that middle thing isn’t a touchpad, and it’s the home button?

    1. Yeah, the middle one is the home button. I think that if you hold it down, it starts voice search. Or maybe double press. Either way, it’s the home button.

  5. You don’t belong here

  6. Hopefully this will be followed up by a UK release sometime in May.

  7. @ Random yes, Apple makes good products. You like them because Apple tells you how to think & act. For those of us who like to think on our own & not be “Owned” by Apple for every single think we do, good news, there’s android with it’s FC’s & random shut downs!!!

  8. you act like the iphone is perfect. reality check, no phone is perfect. look at how the iphone dropped signal for left handed users. major problem. as for android. it is all about personal preference. i like the iphone, however i prefer android. android is open source, and that does cause a few issues, but the benefits far out weight the issues.

  9. is it battery good for galaxy s2!!
    i m asking because processor and ram are increase so it may be take more power..
    reply my question to my email id.([email protected])

  10. iOS apps force close all the time on my iPad! But the OS doesn’t tell you that because it assumes you are too dumb to know what it means and so you don’t have a name to call it. “My app won’t open” = Force close

  11. Wake up you Apple fanboys, now climb out from your Apple walls and start exploring the REAL world. Stop living in a 12 yr old kid’s wet dream

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