Verizon, AT&T: We’re Satisfied With Sales of Our First Tegra 2 Devices


To put a nice, red bow on this wrapped up story about the Motorola ATRIX 4G and Motorola XOOM’s sales on AT&T and Verizon respectively, both carriers chimed in to say that they are pleased with customer reception and the sales of said devices.

Verizon said about the Motorola XOOM, “We are pleased with customer response to the Xoom.” (Yes, I could pick that statement apart like a cherry tree, but I won’t.) Conversely, AT&T stated that their “customers are very satisfied with the Atrix, and [they] are equally as pleased with the results to date.”

Without seeing some hard numbers we can’t see just how pleasing these numbers really are, but we can’t argue with them. (And if they are as bad as folks have said they are then you better believe they won’t be releasing any sales figures any time soon.)

At least for the Motorola XOOM, one analyst cleverly pieced together information from Google and other research firms and came up with 100,000 – the number is .2% of 50,000,000 with the .2% being how many Android devices out and about are running Android 3.0.

It’s worthy to note that Verizon’s number for their 3G (and soon to be 4G)-enabled version could be significantly lower than that as the WiFi-only Motorola XOOM made its way into the market as early as March 25th – the data that firm Deutsche Bank based their study on was taken from a two week period ending April 1st.

Whatever the case is, Verizon’s happy, AT&T’s happy, so why can’t we all just be happy? [via Computer World]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I’ve said it elsewhere and I’ll say it again. If that analyst can extrapolate from particular data so can I.

    So, using a different extrapolation to compare with iPad sales, which you know damn well is what this analyst is using as a measuring stick, let us work with ebay’s numbers based on type of iPad. Clearly, other sources measuring other statistics is fair game based on this analyst’s use of the Android version stats. The most popular iPad is the lowest priced wifi only 16 gb model which commands 30% of total sales. In fact, the wifi only models are 61% of total ipad sales. Whereas the 32gb 3G has only 9% of total ipad sales.

    The original iPad sold 3 million in 80 days or 37,500 per day or 1,575,000 in 6 weeks. Of that number 9% (remember, the 32gb 3G iPad only) is 141,750. I’d say the telcos have good reason to be happy if the 32gb 3G Xoom sold 100,000.

    Incidentally, nobody has even mentioned the fact that the Xoom Wifi has been in Amazon’s no.1 position since it came out in both the Tablets section and Computers & Accessories section beating out both the iPad2 and the original iPad.

    Use to be people checked things out over there.

    1. Wow NovaeMeme is great with numbers, but really doesn’t understand the big picture. Was there a wifi only xoom, a cheaper xoom, a more profitable xoom?

      The fact is that the IPAD sold much better than Android tablets.

      Whether there were less of the Android tablets, and that they are over 1 year after the IPAD came on the market doesn’t change the fact the Nexus 1, as the holy “Google phone” or the Xoom as above… flopped.

      1. Flopped by whose standards?

        The Galaxy S line sold alot of phones last year. If we take it model by model, the individual sales weren’t all the great compared to the iPhone 4.

        Its the same thing for Android tablets like Android phones. As of right now there will never be one lone Android device out selling a lone iOS device.

        Collectively….time will tell if the Android tablet surge will be like the Android phone surge. The Nexus 1 flopping damn sure didnt hurt Android as a whole. The Xoom flopping wont either.

      2. The big picture is that Xoom is just the beginning and that the iPad 2 doesn’t really have much of a technological advantage over Honeycomb based tablets. It is much easier to come up with a cheaper tablet with less specs than it is for Apple to increase the resolution, integrate SD capability or come up with an OS that is actually designed for tablets.

      3. Chan, re: “Wow NovaeMeme is great with numbers, but really doesn’t
        understand the big picture. Was there a wifi only xoom, a cheaper xoom, a
        more profitable xoom?”

        There is now. What do you think I was talking about regarding Amazon
        sales? The Wifi Xoom is number one, outselling both iPads and iPads 2 all
        week long. My math was to do a true comparison of model types.

        I GET the big picture.

        1. Here’s the only real question that matters. Would Motorola trade its Xoom sales numbers for iPad sales numbers for the period since the Xoom launched? The answer is clearly “yes,” because no one believes the Xoom’s sales are even close to the iPad (and Google’s developer data bears this out). Similarly, would Apple trade its iPad/iPad 2 sales since the Xoom launched for Xoom sales? The answer is clearly “no.”

          THAT is the big picture.

    2. http://www.amazon.com/gp/bestsellers/pc/ref=pd_dp_ts_pc_1

      good point about zxoom being no. 1 in tablets section as well as computers and accessories. I think being no.1 in computers and accessories is a bigger deal than being no.1 in just tablets alone.

      1. Yeah, the Computers & Accessories is a big deal. It’s not just competing with the iPad there, but laptops and monitors.

    3. Thank you NovaeMeme. Where did they come up with 50 million for total Android devices sold? At between 500-750 million smartphones sold worldwide, the total number of Android devices should exceed that. I think 100,000 is conservative.

  2. actually, in a couple of years it will be Android #1, Microsoft #2……..that will be interesting!!

  3. manufactures have to learn how to price their product accordingly, android tablets are been over priced.

  4. The xoom is only a flop if you compare it to I pad sales. But then again, so are android phones when compared to the iPhone…look where we are now.

    With a little competition, the tablets will get cheaper and in time we will have many more tablet apps. This is almost like 1.6 over again…just watch, history is going to repeat itself :-)

    1. You might have some luck in the carrier-pushed 3G tablets. But Android doesn’t have a prayer in the wi-fi only arena. It’s why we’re only now getting an iPod Touch competitor; without carriers desperate to patch their lack of iPhone with a competing product, there’s nothing to push Android along.

  5. Verizon will be a lot happier with the Bionic’s numbers. And I will be a lot happier when they finally release the friggin’ thing!

  6. Of course I’m please with my Atrix. what I’m not please bout is I WANT MY FUCKING UNLIMITED DATA BACK.

  7. I love my zoom. I waited until I pad 2 came out, but still no memery card or flash. Oh well, apple’s loss. Gave I pad one to hubby.

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