Apr 7th, 2011

Google has just announced new features for their Google Apps customers – mainly enterprise looking to take their business to the cloud. Firstly, they’ve added features that third-party offerings have provided for a while that’ll allow you to remotely locate your device on a map, remotely reset your PIN or password, and will allow you to make it ring in case it’s somewhere near you.

Those who use Android tablets now have the ability to encrypt data on Android 3.0 Honeycomb, something that was only available for previous versions of Android. Finally, they’ve released a new contact to help make finding your corporate contacts a lot easier. It’s called Google Apps Lookup and can be had in the Android market, but your administrator needs to ensure that the “Shared Contacts” feature is on in the control panel. More details about today’s updates can be found at the Google Enterprise Blog, if you care.

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