Apr 6th, 2011

Deutsche Bank crunched some numbers and used some of Google’s figures to come up with a number of their own in regard to the Motorola XOOM’s sales performance. He figures that there are 50 million Android devices on the market. Using the latest platform version numbers chart provided by Google, they know that Android 3.0 is only on .2% of all authorized devices.

And using what they know about the market, they know that the Motorola XOOM is the only commercially available tablet with Android 3.0. (Testing units from competing manufacturers may tie in here, but the difference would likely be negligible.) So how much is .2% of 50 million? 100,000 exactly.

We’re sure there’s a give or take situation going on here, but it’s as close as we’re going to get until Motorola or a third-party firm with more scientific methods of research release some figures (which could happen soon as the Q1 2011 just wrapped up as of April 1st). The XOOM has only been out since February 24th – just a month and a half. And WiFi models and international sales have only just begun.

So was that report from the other day about abysmal XOOM sales accurate? Probably, probably not. If we’re putting it up against the iPad then yea, it looks bad. But 100,000 is a respectable figure for the first tablet of its kind.  [via BGR]

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