More Insight on XOOM Sales: 100,000 Since Feb. 24th?


Deutsche Bank crunched some numbers and used some of Google’s figures to come up with a number of their own in regard to the Motorola XOOM’s sales performance. He figures that there are 50 million Android devices on the market. Using the latest platform version numbers chart provided by Google, they know that Android 3.0 is only on .2% of all authorized devices.

And using what they know about the market, they know that the Motorola XOOM is the only commercially available tablet with Android 3.0. (Testing units from competing manufacturers may tie in here, but the difference would likely be negligible.) So how much is .2% of 50 million? 100,000 exactly.

We’re sure there’s a give or take situation going on here, but it’s as close as we’re going to get until Motorola or a third-party firm with more scientific methods of research release some figures (which could happen soon as the Q1 2011 just wrapped up as of April 1st). The XOOM has only been out since February 24th – just a month and a half. And WiFi models and international sales have only just begun.

So was that report from the other day about abysmal XOOM sales accurate? Probably, probably not. If we’re putting it up against the iPad then yea, it looks bad. But 100,000 is a respectable figure for the first tablet of its kind.  [via BGR]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Take that u android geeks

    1. you know that you are the biggest idiot ever right? Posting a comment like this on “android” forums. Motorola isn’t Apple, wait till other manufacturers start selling: LG, Samsung, HTC, Acer, Sony,……. it’s a long list. Most people don’t like designs of one manufacturer and wait for the other, you can’t say that with Apple products.

    2. What Matic said. Plus, I’d much rather be an Android geek than an iSheep.

      1. Whether you’re an android fanboy or an apple one, you’re not going to be objective (and probably have a bit of a self-worth problem if you can’t stand the fact that someone else might choose a different device to the one you prefer)

    3. you must be the real geek to come to an all android site and be an isheep…..that pathetic!!

    4. Why are you on this site if you hate android? That big of a loser huh?

    5. Yea…I really feel like crying cuz the Xoom sales are so low compared to the iPad 2…can I get a group hug? snif, snif..

      Well, now its time for me to get some lunch and get back to the real world. Be back in a few…

  2. Compare: The HTC Flyer pre-order exceeds 1 million

    1. And why shouldn’t it? HTC saw more percentage revenue growth last year than any other company of it’s kind, including Google and Apple. They make good hardware at a good price, and they give the updates. As much as I wanted a XOOM, they screwed the pooch with this one, and I have no problem admitting the Flyer is now in my sights.

  3. Thats sad well they should have priced it better and released a wifi version on the same date

  4. Tablets are gay

    1. The gayer the better!

  5. For an overpriced, poorly reviewed product that by all appearances was rushed to market before its OS software was actually ready for prime time, that sales figure isn’t really that bad.

  6. Mine must have been number 100,000 :)

  7. To be honest, these low sales are kinda good. I’d be more than happy to get my XOOM for 300 :)

    1. Agreed!!

    2. Exactly

  8. I hope these other tablets outsell it. Maybe Moto will learn a lesson about releasing things that aren’t finished.

  9. I bought one had it for eight days it died boxed up returned to Costco loving my iPad 2. The xoom sucked in media play back, reading experience, slow and easy to get hung up, and just to heavy. Would not recommend to anyone.

    1. You are not for real.

    2. There is no reason to make things up if you don’t like the product just say so don’t come in here and spread hatred for another company.

    3. I got the I pad 2 started it up shit the bed so i returned it lovinh my xoom now

      See what I did

    4. I started up my iPad 2, it rebooted while reading a book. I boxed it up, and took it back.

      See, anyone can make things up if they like.

  10. I over heard this one lady taking about the ipad was great then she got the ipad 2 she went as fast as saying she would get the ipad 3 when it released . Poor isheep . So narrow minded. I believe she would used the idouch if it was released. …..

    1. Don’t be a fanboy. I bet some people will buy the Xoom, and the Xoom2 as soon as it’s released. Some people just like to live on the cutting edge :p

  11. Asus EEE pad! :)

  12. I blame google more, I mean yeah this thing should cost 399 and came out months ago but honeycomb is why it doesn’t sell now. Hcomb needs to be better than iOS

    I hate apple and I rather give them my money than buy a android tablet. I even think webos will top them at launch.

    1. That’s why HTC was smart not to use honeycomb for its tablet. Sometimes it is not such a good idea to go with the latest thing out there.

      1. I don’t know about that you would rather have a phone os on top of android? People are judging this thing way too soon a month and half if that with a brand new os basically, give it a year down the road then you can give your opinions on why having a phone os on a tablet is better…people seem to forget this is the first device with honeycomb give it more than a couple of months and too be honest I don’t care how many people bought the device because I know one thing this device will get supported a lot longer than any other tablet without honeycomb

        1. If Flyer was just about gingerbread then I would agree. But this way they have the Scribe technology built into the system.
          Now you can say “oh well that’s just for business people, students, artists, etc but I just want to have fun with my tab.” So, in addition to Scribe, HTC decided to integrate the Onlive gaming service which allows you to play (and not just view) real console games on your tablet

          When onlive first came out, I didn’t understand the point. Just get a ps3 or xbox if you want to play on your TV. But it makes a lot of sense for tablets.

          1. That was just too cool! Thanks, compadre!

          2. so I decided to see what onlive was about and put it on my old PC. The gfx card on it is terrible: a geforce fx 5600. Can’t even play America’s Army 2 properly. But with onlive, I’m now able to play all kinds of directx 11 games. You don’t have to download or install anything except the initial onlive app.
            This means that a mobile doesn’t need a battery guzzling super tegra 5000 in order to have ps3 games. Don’t need to worry about how much ram or SD storage space you have. And it is impossible for these games to be pirated.

  13. I just bought the xoom. I have an ipad also.. I waited until the IPAD 2 came out to see if it would have a SD to see if it would have some kind of flash So I got the xoom, had it for a couple of weeks.. I absolutely love it.. gave hubby the ipad , since all he does with it is surf the web

    1. Just as a matter of interest, what do you do with the SD slot on the Xoom?

      1. absolutely nothing since it hasn’t been updated to be of use yet lol.

  14. I’m sure that the ipad was sold more than the xoom in one day

    1. lol the iPad 2 sold more than that in the first hour of it being on sale on Apple’s website at 4 in the morning.

  15. I just love when people say that a 1.5 lbs tablet is too heavy. Seriously you are going to say 1.5lbs is to heavy, these are probably the people that get a gym membership and do not use it.

    1. I go to the gym often, and 1.5 pounds for a tablet isn’t heavy, but holding it with one hand isn’t entirely comfortable. Holding my iPad 2 in one hand is comfortable, but holding a Xoom, which weighs more than the first iPad, is much more uncomfortable, especially compared to the iPad 2. Holding it with two hands is nothing, though.

  16. why do you people care what others spend their money on..technically, some aspects of android are better than apple stuff, but user experience and ease of use count when it’s for the masses, and the masses are the ones driving profits, after all, these are for profit companies. Most people are not geeks, and even a few of us geeks, at the end of the day, want something that works without having to tweak fiddle root and modify because some of us work all d@mn day doing this sort of stuff for a living and do not want to do it at home. my co worker plunked down over 700.00 for his xoom, and it is slow, clunky and freezes and it is stock…no extra apps, not rooted, nothing. He is perplexed as to why it is not as smooth and fast as the Ipad. So am i.

    1. I question this info. My experience with the Xoom has. Den quite good. I don’t experience freezing with Honeycomb. You’re giving me info about the experience someone else had with a product? Really? How about giving us YOUR experience with a product. It would be of much more value and in most cases changes after someone actually spends some time with a product. I have first hand experience with the Xoom and will say I am happy with it. Is it as thin and light as the ipad2? No, but I’m not nipicking it either. Apple fanboys can enjoy the ipad2 all you like bit it’s days of dominating the market are numbered and you know it. You have gotten your butts handed to you in the smartphone department and the ip5 won’t help much with the current devices being launched on Android. Just wait for the onslaught of tablets with Android on them. The ipad will be in their rearview mirrors as well. No ones knocking the ipad, just the insecure fanboys that puff their chests out because it makes them feel important and powerful.

  17. I intend to purchase an Android-based tablet, Xoom or otherwise. I just haven’t yet because I want to see what is going to come out other than the Xoom. Now, I still might buy the Xoom but I’ll wait until the Galaxy 10.1 is released at least.

    I don’t want to buy a product that will is obsolete before it’s released. I don’t want my hardware throttled so that the next release will be “innovative.”

  18. Ok apple may have more ipads sold but in the phone line apple dosent stand a chance phones like the HTC pyramid ev0 3g Samsung s2 will own the iPhone5 anyday

  19. lmao.. If you consider those 100000 people were the only ones interested in the xoom, then yes, that figure is abysmal. Motorola was projecting 700,000 – 800,000 for the quarter, yet this number is likely to be around 150,000. So much for honetcomb hey, fanboys

    1. it hasn’t come out in international markets yet. relax.
      We only got it in Canada today.

    2. Those 100K were the only ones interested in one with a data plan, tied to Verizon Wireless, and located solely in the US. Now, let’s come back and check the stats on the Wifi-only units as well.

  20. they didnt factor in the 100-1000 prototypes and tablets “privelaged people” got for free either

  21. Google need to make a Nexus Tablet and sale for $400 or $500. It will sale like crazy.

    1. Hell yeah, I’ve been saying that for months. Even if it didn’t I would still buy it. By the end of 2010 despite the Nexus One not having great sale numbers most people still considered it the best Android phone. Nexus is not just a brand it means more than that but it’s to bad that it took 12 months to prove that point. I think that if there is going to be a Nexus tablet then Google will show it by I/O so that they can give it away to Devs.

  22. Sales can not be that bad, I was calling around for a Wifi Xoom in stock and the closest one was in the about a 6 hour drive away 2 states over.. I fully expect plenty of 3g Xooms are in stock but they don’t. None in south western Ontario, and none in Michigan. Sad..

  23. I won’t be buying an Android tablet until there are much, much more tablet-ptimized apps for it (I’m not going to pay to use blown-up phone apps that don’t take advantage of the device’s hardware), but if Honeycomb did have all those apps right now, I wouldn’t get the Xoom. A lot of design choices that I can’t get over. I’d much rather get a G Slate or a Galaxy Tab 10.1

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